Guy McPherson : « I would like to visit Algeria to discuss the climate change »

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Le professeur Guy McPherson. D. R.

Professor Guy McPherson  DR

Mohsen Abdelmoumen : As scientist, you make an alarming report of the environmental situation. Can you explain us it?

Guy McPherson : If industrial civilization is maintained, climate change will cause human extinction in the near term. If industrial civilization collapses, ionizing radiation will be released upon catastrophic meltdown of the world’s nuclear power plants. The oceans are dying, and we are driving 200 species to extinction each day. All of these factors point toward human extinction in the near future.

Is not the capitalist consumer society responsible for the threat which presses on our species today? 

As pointed out by ecologists many years ago, the combination of human population and personal consumption contributes to environmental decay and depletion of finite materials (e.g., fossil fuels). Capitalism often is blamed, but other « isms » show little promise at reducing the ecological footprint of large numbers of humans.

How can resist the progressive strengths worldwide in front of the empire which produces only wars and other devastating plagues?

Many steps can be taken to resist the dominant paradigm. Some are even legal, including walking away from a hyper-consumption lifestyle. Without getting into details, I point you toward Deep Green Resistance (the book and movement); Keith Farnish’s book, Underminers; and Derrick Jensen’s expansive body of work on the subject of resistance.

Can we coordinate concrete actions of resistance in the empire between the lifeblood of the United States, Algeria and the other countries of the world?

The Internet is facilitating such actions, although they are merely token efforts at this point. These efforts doubtless are hampered by the surveillance activities of the United States and other countries.

Have you academic projects such as a future book? Do you think one day of visiting Algeria to make conferences of raising sensitization concerning the catastrophic situation of our living space, the Earth?

My latest book was published last month. Going Dark is my eleventh book, and it is described here

I would love to visit Algeria to discuss climate change, resistance against the dominant paradigm, and other important topics. So far, a venue has not presented itself.

Who is Guy McPherson ?

Stemming from scientists’ family, Guy McPherson is a professor emeritus in natural resources, in ecology and in evolutionary biology at the University of Arizona, where he taught and leads look for it during twenty years. He obtained his doctorate in sciences to the University of Technology of Texas. More than ten years into a career in the academic ivory tower, McPherson began focusing his efforts on social criticism, with topics ranging from education and evolution to the twin sides of the fossil-fuel coin: (1) global climate change and (2) energy decline and the attendant economic consequences. His public appearances stress these two predicaments because each of them informs and impacts every aspect of life on Earth. McPherson’s latest chapter includes abandoning his tenured position as full professor at a major research university for ethical reasons. His story is described in his memoirs, « Walking Away from Empire » and « Going Dark. » You can read about those books and his many others at his website:

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