Noam Chomsky to Algeriepatriotique : « A partition of Syria is not to be pushed aside »

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Noam Chomsky : «Syria seems to me to proceeding on a suicidal course» AP. D.R.

On the day before the conference of Geneva 2, Noam Chomsky declared to me that « Syria seems to me to proceeding on a suicidal course, painful – shattering – to watch ». For this American thinker of international fame, « If things proceed as they are, a three-way partition is not unlikely : Assad-controlled, Kurdish perhaps linking somehow with Iraqi Kurdistan, and a region controlled by warring rebel groups – with much of the population suffering bitterly, those who have not yet fled and are living in misery ». Concerning the conference of Geneva 2 which will open on January 22nd, without having lost any hope of lasting peace in Syria, Noam Chomsky is far from being optimistic : « Geneva perhaps offers a hope, a very faint one. But if there is a better idea I haven’t heard it.  A major tragedy » he asserted. In an exclusive interview granted to Algeriepatriotique in March 2013, the linguist and the committed philosopher explained that for his country, the United States – which plays a central role in the plan of destabilization of Syria through his ambassador Robert Ford –  » the Arab world became a major target because of the threats on the American control of the enormous energy reserves which has this region  » after Latin America  » underwent military interventions and acts of subversion, until this continent began to release itself, there is decade « . Several countries participate in the international conference on Syria which is held on Wednesday in the Helvetian capital, among which Australia, Bahrain, Belgium, Greece, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, South Korea and Vatican. The UN Secretary-General qualified the presence of these countries of  » important and useful demonstration of solidarity before the difficult work which the delegations of the Syrian government and the opposition will have to begin ». But the observers are afraid that this meeting is only an additional alibi to aggravate the crisis to end in an explosion of Syria ; as augurs it Noam Chomsky, wild opponent of the warlike politics of Washington since the Vietnam War, in the 1960s, until this day.

Mohsen Abdelmoumen