Andre Vltchek : « The Christian dogmas caused terrible damages ».

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Andre Vltchek together with the big American linguist Noam Chomsky D.R.

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Mohsen Abdelmoumen: You recently sent an open letter to your friend, president Maduro, made public in the press, where you mention the necessity of taking weapons if needed to fight the western plan which aims at a recolonization of the world. Do you believe in the need for global resistance to imperialism and neocolonialism who intensify their aggression ?

Andre Vltchek : Imperialism never disappears; it never leaves peacefully, voluntarily. For all those long centuries, people had to fight for their freedom, for true independence. They had to struggle.The same is happening now: countries that do not want to succumb to Western terror and control of the world, are standing tall and proud, defending their homelands, risking their very existence: Venezuela and Cuba, Ecuador and Bolivia, China and Russia, Iran and Eritrea, Zimbabwe and many others, on all continents.

As speaker whose experience is internationally recognized and who are invited in the most prestigious universities of the world, do you think the West is destined to continue its policy of burning the planet? Does it, as it claims for example in Ukraine and in Venezuela, to spread the values of democracy and human rights or only for its own economic interests ?

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that the West is ready, what you call, “to burn the planet” to ashes, if the planet resists its plans for total control… and even if it doesn’t resists. Great Swiss psychiatrist, Gustav Jung used to call Western culture ‘sick’, – ’pathology’. It brought indescribable suffering to the people of the world, on all continents. The forms of oppression varied, but results were the same: fear, oppression, humiliation, and virtual slavery. Christianity was always at the vanguard of spreading the terror: in its name, hundreds of millions, perhaps billions of men, women and children had vanished, were raped and enslaved. No single religion or ideology brought such suffering to the people of our planet, as Christianity. And if you look closely, the Christian terror – its mechanism of spreading ignorance, disinformation, nihilism, gloom and doom and subsequent fear – is still implemented by the Western power centers; through the way both the US and the EU are ruling the globe. Christian dogmas damaged the world terribly: from darkness of Catholic Inquisition and Protestant Calvinism, where sexually frustrated preachers and priests were raping and torturing to death all those innocent women they desired but had to demonize in order to possess them (and murder them brutally afterwards, to wash out their own guilt… that constant Christian guilt…), to the Crusades undertaken in order to plunder and to throw the world to its knees… to the present day – to that ‘Protestant propaganda’, which is now widely used in almost all mass media beamed in and from the West…

In your book co-authored with Noam Chomsky,  » On Western terrorism « , you describe a catastrophic situation. Do you think that the terrorism is vital for the West ?

Yes, of course it is… And it had been, for many centuries. It is just that the West has been so brutal and so militarily potent, that it managed to over-run and enslave almost all parts of the planet… and then it wrote its own interpretation of the history of the world; the history that is totally twisted and which presents the Western culture and political/economic system as ‘democratic’, ‘free’ and ‘humanistic’.

Can you speak to us about your press article: West Manufactures ‘Opposition Movements’ ? Is not that what is happening in Venezuela, Ukraine, and previously in Syria ?

Yes of course it is! I just returned from Ukraine and I worked on Turkish/Syrian border, in Venezuela, in Bahrain, Cuba, Zimbabwe, Thailand, and almost everywhere where the West goes out of its way to ‘manufacture political opposition’ against the states and parts of the world that are determined to defend interests of their own people. That is because every country outside Europe, North America or, say Australia, Japan and New Zealand, is expected and actually conditioned to sacrifice itself for the interests of those who are ruling the planet. If they don’t, they are beaten, destroyed, debilitated, their dreams are shattered, and they finish in some physical or psychological dungeon. It is like a child in very conservative and oppressive family, who is brought-up to ‘satisfy’ his or her parents, to make them ‘proud’. Parents can be just some money-hungry, brainwashed and dangerous bandits and false preachers, but the child is still ready to die in order to serve them. If father smiles, his daughter feels proud, even if she just sacrificed her life for total idiocy, for nothing. That is how subordinate countries and nations are supposed to feel. They are treated like dogs, like slaves, worse than animals would be treated in London or Paris (oh, much worse!), but they fully accept their fate and do not even allow the thought of rebellion to cross their mind. You see, ‘rebellion’ in fascist, oppressive societies, is considered ‘evil’. If child rebels in some tyrannical family, his or her mouth is slapped. If country rebels, it ends up like Indonesia after US-sponsored coup of 1965, or like Syria now. If the child grows up in both tyrannical brainwashed family and in the country like Indonesia, you can only imagine… Only slavery is accepted, considered right. It is well-designed system. And it suits only those who are ruling the world. That is why they support oppressive regimes and cultures. This sick, insane way of world arrangement is fortunately changing. Several nations are standing tall: accusing oppressors of terror, and defending interests of their people. It is done openly. Hugo Chavez of Venezuela spoke against President Bush and the US foreign policy from the tribune of the UN. Many in Venezuela believe that the Empire murdered him… Still, the revolution goes on. It will not stop. We will not allow it to stop ! In Ukraine, the West attempted to grab the mines and steel mills and decided to give nothing in return. Centrist Ukrainian government refused to sign, and so the West deployed fascists, right-wing extremists and thugs to destabilize the country, and at the end it sponsored the coup. Historically Russian Crimea (horrified of what was done to Ukraine) democratically voted to re-join Russia, and Russia quietly took it back. Then Western propaganda was unleashed, and for a while the world was ordered to discuss the ‘grab of Crimea by Russia’, not that clear and obvious putsch performed by the West ! You see, only what suits the West is called democratic. Even referendum, even if over 90% of the people decides something, is ‘illegitimate, if it is said so by London or Washington or Paris. In Syria it has been the same. The West manufactured most of the local opposition. Thankfully, several of us stood firm, presenting clear facts… and the world opinion is significantly shifting. Of course we worked day and night, 25/8, to make an impact… Hopefully, this time, we succeeded, at least to some extend !

Edward Snowden revealed the global phone tapping of NSA. Western States can they still claim to be democracies and to want to spread their model around the world ?

Yes : Snowden, Assange, Perkins…  They all revealed what is behind this façade of so-called Western democracy… Unfortunately, most of the people living in Europe and North America are so brainwashed, so indoctrinated, that even clear facts do not tend to move them, anymore… at least not right away. To detox them, to de-indoctrinate them – it will still take time; it will be very long procedure. Although I believe that the process already started.

You worked in several African countries, notably in Congo. What report do you make of the plunder which rages in Africa ?

I worked in DRC on several occasions, making a documentary film “Rwanda Gambit” which shows how the West plunders this enormous and potentially rich nation, which is now sitting at the very bottom of all international statistics – including the Human Development Index (HDI). DR Congo has been destroyed by two African nations: Rwanda and Uganda – but it was done clearly and strictly on behalf of Western geopolitical and economic interests. Between the 6 and 10 million people died. Of course European and North American public knows nothing. And it doesn’t seem to want to know anything.

Our country Algeria is a potential target of the imperialism and the neocolonialism who want to monopolize our natural resources, and some of their agents are already in place. How can we fight the enemy within, especially when it opts for a specific infiltration policy that concern all spheres of decision ?  What can you say to the Algerian people whose territorial sovereignty is threatened with what is happening in the Sahel and in Africa in general ?

I believe that to fight neocolonialism and imperialism, one has to be clearly aware of what it brings, what is the danger. One has to be able to compare, to analyze. In Cuba and Venezuela, people are getting educated, day and night. There are free schools/education, subsidized books and millions of free books, educational radio and television channels, as well as great culture; engaged culture. The best weapon against propaganda and darkness is always knowledge. The best weapon against ignorant hate is love. One cannot fight for his or her country, if one does not love her. One cannot love her, if he or she does not know her, does not understand her. One cannot effectively love the world, our planet, and fight; defend it, if one does not clearly see where she is going and how she turns. Therefore, no state apparatus, no vigilant defense force, can be effective, if the population itself is not educated, enthusiastic, and determined to build better society, better world. Only optimistic, kind, decent, and well-educated nation can defeat aggression, despotism and evil. Because at the end it is always love, knowledge and kindness, three muses that are leading great nations to those epic battles for better life, for tomorrows without fear, for survival of our beautiful planet !

Interview realized by Mohsen Abdelmoumen

Who is Andre Vltchek ?

Andre Vltchek is a novelist, filmmaker and investigative journalist. He has covered wars and conflicts in dozens of countries. His discussion with Noam ChomskyOn Western Terrorism is now going to print. His critically acclaimed political novel Point of No Return is now re-edited and available. Oceania is his book on Western imperialism in the South Pacific. His provocative book about post-Suharto Indonesia and the market-fundamentalist model is called “Indonesia – The Archipelago of Fear”. He has just completed the feature documentary, “Rwanda Gambit” about Rwandan history and the plunder of DR Congo. After living for many years in Latin America and Oceania, Vltchek presently resides and works in East Asia and Africa. He can be reached through his website or his Twitter.

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