Call against the shale gas development in Algeria by the French colonialist regime

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The small minority Algerian corrupt and illegitimate power, which did not mobilize even inflating the figures, half of the electorate in the elections of April 17, decided to allow the French regime to exploit shale gas in Algeria, through his company GDF Suez, precipitating the country towards an unprecedented environmental disaster. Why the French, who refuse extraction of shale gas on their own territory, want to practice with us? By what right an illegitimate regime can negotiate such important agreements and affecting the future of the Algerian nation, if not to obtain the pledge of the former French colonizer failing to have the one of its own people, which abstained from voting massively?Following a stroke that has struck him in April 2013 and for which he was treated for months in France, the disabled president, who had already violated the Constitution in 2008, reiterated by presenting a fourth mandate, while the whole world knows he is unable to rise from his chair and he can not read a whole speech. Our sovereignty and our territorial integrity are now threatened by this discredited government has not found a better ally as weak and unpopular that itself, in this case the French regime that treats Algeria as a colony, when our history was written with the blood of millions Algerians who have freed themselves from the colonial yoke of France. In its distress and its economic, moral, political bankruptcy, and splashed by scandals whose the Bygmalion affair is only the tip of the iceberg, France signs agreements with the illegitimate regime in power in Algeria by massive fraud, ballot-rigging and practices of another age. We inform the French regime that these agreements are null and void and that it should expect a backfire. In Algeria, the servants of France, represented by the lobby of the dirty money that reigns supreme in the country, are able to deliver the latest family jewels for a mock ephemeral reign, while China and Argentina, the richest shale gas states with Algeria, do not favor its extraction although they need energy as emerging powers. The rape of the Constitution and widespread corruption, plunder and looting of natural resources became a national sport in Algeria, and the ruling forces, anti-national by nature, showed that they were ready for anything. Nothing will stop it, except the determination and commitment of progressive resistance worldwide, as was the case with the infamous 2005 Hydrocarbon Law that the Algiers rotten regime withdrew at the last minute in the panic. According to a study by the Environment and Public Health Committee of the European Parliament, the extraction of shale gas has a negative impact on the environment and public health. Used hydraulic fracturing is responsible for the pollution of groundwater and cultures, it harms human health with the emission of radon (radioactive gas that causes lung cancer), livestock poisoning by absorption of leachate (wastewater), causes earthquakes as was verified in Ohio, England and Germany, also increases greenhouse gas emissions with the release of methane (from 3.6% to 7.9% escape into the atmosphere during the lifetime of a shale gas extraction wells), not to mention the disfigurement of the landscape. We Algerian citizens, concerned about the health and well-being of our citizens and alarmed about the integrity of our territory, call progressive forces around the world to rise up against this new insult of the Algerian regime to its people and to Algeria. We invite all stakeholders with whom we are linked in the fight against imperialism and its ugly face, neocolonialism ravaging Algeria through a minority of thugs who took the country hostage and mortgaged the future of generations to come, to counter this new attack on our territorial integrity. We shall mobilize all the forces of global resistance and all our friends who love justice and freedom, to stop the neo-colonialist project that is a continuation of the bloody colonial history of France, this France who did not hesitate during its nuclear tests in 1960 in Reggane in the Algerian Sahara, to place Algerians prisoners militants on the site of the explosion, using them as human Guinea pigs. The disastrous effects of multiple nuclear tests that France has done in our country during the 1960s are still felt today among the population, fauna and flora, and despite all that France made us, the Algerian illegitimate power continues to make it gifts.This call is transmitted in several languages worldwide, to the Heads of States and to the leading political, intellectual, scientific, artistic personalities and in various NGOs. The struggle against neo-colonial projects can be done only in an internationalist impulse.

Mohsen Abdelmoumen

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