Jour: 5 juin 2014

The freedom of expression scoffed at shamelessly

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The Journalist Mohamed Abassa writes us

Mohamed Abassa

The Press gagged and humiliated.D.R.

“It is necessary to congratulate the brilliant and brave columnist Mohsen Abdelmoumen. He just has to push a little farther its investigations. For example, why Djezzy determines its total advertising spending to support Bouteflika? What relationships exist between Sawaris and Bouteflika? Which is the largest shareholder of OTA? This is Oratel, an offshore company domiciled in the British Virgin Islands. Who are the real shareholders Oratel, majority shareholders Telephony Orascom Algeria (OTA)? You will discover figureheads like Mrs. Arafat, M. Chorafa (3% share), but Djezzy is massively poured on the only ones who incense Bouteflika and his clan. That is why I am so far publication ban in all these newspapers bought. Lire la suite »