The Return of French Berlusconi

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Nicolas Sarkozy; D.R.

Heads up, Nicolas Sarkozy is back in politics. This political-media resurrection in a bloodless and disoriented France reminds us different come-back of Silvio Berlusconi in Italy, both enjoying the best allies that a corrupt politician can hope: a political vacuum.

Mastering the art of plagiarism, Sarkozy keeps track of Berlusconi, another dinosaur of European policy, champion of self-regeneration like a Dracula. This is not the return of the Jedi or Zorro this is the return of a business lawyer who imagines himself as the anew head of state, believing thus he can erase all the mess he had caused around. « Have you forgotten my temper? « Has he said recently in a speech to his herd?

Everyone knows that politics is dirty, but seeing Sarkozy arising again is more like a kind of pornography that dare not speak its name. The former president- who spends his time giving 100,000 euros lectures for think tanks in which he teaches how to fool people -was waiting for the moment of his glory. Hollande’s weakness, inconsistency and loss of credibility offer Sarkozy the hope of redemption he needed. Sarkozy, a dark soul, never denied his taste for power and his hates to be out of the political game in which he excel using dirty tricks, including to his own mentors Balladur and Chirac as to whom he demonstrated unparalleled savagery. Sarkozy loyalty is measured by how he betrayed those who helped him climb the ladder, and by his ability to get his hand on money that does not belong to him, even as far as stealing the wife of his best friend, as was the case with his ex-wife.

Power, only power seems to cause the ex-president yearns to return to the Elysee as when we rejoin a mistress with whom we had an unforgettable time. We never chronicled his awful record extending from the Karachi affair and numerous misappropriations that was revealed, to the intervention in Libya in which he was the main responsible and which killed 90,000 Libyans. In addition to being a crooked businessman, he wanted to wipe away the secret accounts that financed his 2007 campaign- made possible by Gaddafi- triggering a war that devastated Libya and the Sahel, which we continue to taste its bitter fruits with tens of thousands of refugees and deaths. Recall that the war in Mali is only the result of Sarkozy’s intervention in Libya. The Libyan chaos he initiated continues to wreak havoc at the Sahel region where he succeeded to destabilize by his political amateurism.

What was Sarkozy presidency: besides the war in Libya, a host of affairs ranging from so-called tapping « fadettes », Karachi affairs, Lagarde, Woerth, Betancourt, Bygmalion affairs; the case related to his campaign in 2012, in which a judicial investigation was open against X for secret financing, forgery and use of forgery, breach of trust, attempted fraud, complicity and concealment of these facts, and so on, to in addition irresponsible behavior with odd outbursts like « get lost asshole » addressed to a citizen who refused to shake hands during an official visit, a rude attitude showing the character of a crude white collar criminal.

Keen collector of court cases and custody, Sarkozy is not a people’s man but a man of the people who abuses its people without reluctance. It is probably appropriate for a lawyer to attend the courthouse, but then taking it up as residence, this causes problem that has everything to do with mobocracy. But when thugs rule over countries, this cannot be anything but disastrous for the whole planet.

Wanting to be an alternative to the serious lack of personalities in the left and right front, Sarkozy intend to run again for the 2017 presidency to block the rise of the National Front, which constitutes a real danger to the right and to the classical left and left caviar all at once. But what to do with the mess that Sarkozy has left behind? Will he repay the bloodshed during his mandate and the shortfall he caused by the concert of his wife or an exhibition of Carlita modeling?

When Sarkozy suggests about his temperament, would not he forget that the exercise of the State is not only about the temperament of people, but rather the political commitments that for example a head of state should take. This is far from the case, as he has not accomplished any aspects of his program after he was elected in 2007, as well as his promise to open factories which the French are still waiting for. He promised to, too many things and now the French people knows that he is only a vulgar political opportunistic who throw words around. The paroles are enough to exacerbate a crowd, making them dream the time for talking, and then… hello to the nightmare!

This former president -that does not lack nerve wanting to run again to lead France which, remember, is at war in several countries- should be judged like Bush and Blair for their disastrous intervention in Iraq. Will a French neocon at the Elysee arrange things? Certainly not. Mr. Sarkozy, this thug of “Republic” with behavior inappropriate as a president, certainly seeks to recuperate his immunity to escape justice, as was the case for Berlusconi, a great lover of « bunga bunga. »

Both share the same profile, abhorring the independent judiciary and displaying a deep aversion toward independent judges. If Berlusconi had his Rubygate, Sarkozy has his KadhafiGate and we wish him the same fate as his alter ego, just to find himself at the end of the scenario, forced to perform tasks of general interest like changing diapers of old residents with Alzheimer’s in nursing homes, for the glory of the Republic. Temperament or not, picking up the nursing home trashes does not require a lot of charisma, it just requires that the spoiled child of politic learn once for all to work by the sweat of his brow and produce something. This bad boy of the French politic, who thought he had found the Holy Grail being ugly, dirty and nasty, relies only on money and exploiting old billionaires.

He believed himself as being married to Marianne forever, or he must be pleased with Carla Bruni and her guitar that whispers in his ear every night in their luxurious lodge at Neuilly, far from the unemployment and the austerity that are the daily share of the citizens of France:  » I saw myself already at the top of the poster … ». France after having his « normal » president, will it start another course with its « abnormal » president? Sarkozy’s return into politic shows us that we are indeed in a paranormal world.

Mohsen Abdelmoumen

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