The Makhzenian regime of Morocco commits a new dastardly crime

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The Sahrawi activist murdered, Hassana Elouali Aaleya. D.R.

The fascist regime of Morocco comes to commit a new crime, this time against the militant Human Rights Sahrawi, Hassana Elouali Aaleya, member of the Committee against torture, held in the prison of Dakhla, and died on the night of 28 September. In a communique dated 27 September, political prisoners from the prison of Dakhla have denounced the brutality of the Moroccan prison authorities against their comrade Elouali, left without medical care despite a state of health strongly degraded following several hunger strikes and torture. Under the pressure of the Saharan population which followed closely the state of health of Elouali with indignation and anger, the colonial authorities of Morocco have decided to transfer the activist at the military hospital, where he had no right to any medical examination. He was immediately transferred in a special room, surrounded by police officers. Knowing that he was diabetic, rather than lower his blood sugar, was given a serum glucose, increasing its rate up to 7, which precipitated him into a coma resulting in his death.It is a murder committed with impunity and total disregard of NGOs which boast to defend human rights, but only when it suits them. The criminal regime of the Morocco reveals once more his hideous face with the ‘liquidation’ of a political prisoner, followed by repression wild of the manifestation of the Saharan population of Dakhla, took in the streets on September 29 to protest against this deliberate assassination. No reporter of the West or elsewhere are moved to film events, because the Westerners, the France in mind, have always supported the medieval monarchy of Morocco who torture and exterminate the population of Western Sahara in the most complete opacity. The regime of apartheid of Morocco has had his Steve Biko in the person of Hassana Elouali that has been treated in the most inhuman way that is. This provides information on the degree of fascisization of the Moroccan State who does not hesitate to murder the Saharan population with benefiting from the silence and the complicity of the international community. Western Sahara remains one of the last illustrations of colonialism, such as Palestine, and the Saharan people continued to count its dead in the infamous jails of the Moroccan torturer regime.

The liberation of the Sahrawi people is a historical requirement, no offense to the kinglet of Morocco and his Western-Zionists masters. It is no coincidence that apartheid raging in Western Sahara is similar to that experienced by the Palestinian people, since the Moroccan monarchy is closely linked to Israel, particularly through its Zionist advisors Azoulay. The crimes committed by Morocco in the occupied territories of Western Sahara are almost copied-pasted that made Israel in the occupied territories of Palestine. These two cases falling under colonialism remain hanging at the whim of the powerful and agendas of each and other. As for the peoples, their sufferings are increasing day by day, with their share of sorrow, tears and blood. The people of Western Sahara must regain his freedom in the same way as the Palestinian people, and this is not a insignificant kinglet who will prevent the wheel of history spinning. The despicable Western diets that claim to be democracies while breaking of nations and civilizations, have obvious responsibility in the unresolved to the plight of the people of Western Sahara and each death adds to the long list of crimes which they are all accomplices. Every free man is brought to fight for independence of the Sahrawi people as it is brought in to fight for the Palestinian people. A demonstration took place today, Friday 3 October in Paris in memory of Hassana Elouali, martyr of the Sahrawi people. Hope that this movement of solidarity will mark the beginning of a awareness on what is happening in the occupied territories of Western Sahara where the people is undergoing daily oppression in camera. Gentlemen heads of Western State, stop your hypocrisy and your two weights two measures! When it comes to the Ukraine or Hong Kong, you enable all NGOs to protect your interests. Here we are facing a deliberate political killing, where are you then? Where are your Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, Freedom House, etc. which have devastated countries under the false pretext of defence of human rights? Where is Senator John McCain and his values of capitalism? You and your vassal regime of Morocco carry the full responsibility for the death of Hassana Elouali. This additional political assassination is indicative of your real face criminal and fascist imperialism that has never changed and that will never change. The blood of peoples is your elixir. Will the day where the hour of justice will ring and where you will pay for your crimes against humanity. As for us, our pen will always be on the side of the oppressed wherever they are, facing the ignominy of oppression.

Mohsen Abdelmoumen

Published in Oximity on 03/10/2014: