The Trévidic case: Autopsy of a visit

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The murders of the French colonialism in Algeria. D.R.

This Sunday afternoon, October 12, the French anti-terrorism judge Marc Trévidic is arrived in Algiers with his assistant Nathalie Poux and a team of experts to perform an autopsy on the remains of the Tibhirine French monks killed by a terrorist group in 1996. Why waiting the decapitation of Hervé Gourdel for re-invite the judge Trévidic? We don’t believe in coincidence and it’s not the « nasty little judge » who will make us swallow stories. All shows that there has been a ‘deal’ between the Algerian and French authorities, but the French judge didn’t revealed any details during his last interview on France Info and he has said nothing about his visit to Algeria. However, he said that he would work under the Algerian jurisdiction, teaching us thereby that the Algeria is not yet a French Department. Alleluia! We are pleased to know it. What makes the judge Trévidic run and what is the nature of the agreements that the Algerian authorities have passed with the France? We ask the question to the nasty little judge Trévidic who insulted the same Algerian authorities who invited him, saying once: « They mock us ». What has changed since then? Is the White Knight Trévidic going to exhume the remains of all the bodies of the Blood decade or concentrate his attention solely on the Gauls corpses? Let us not forget that this tragedy has killed more than 200,000 Algerians. Does this visit would take place without the dubious beheading of the French hiker? Some will argue this visit was programmed for a long time, but this does not detract from the choice of that precise moment when a pseudo French hostage was beheaded. Knowing the cunning of the French, what would be surprising that the judge Trévidic agenda is linked to this recent case? Does Judge Trévidic will settle to the autopsy of the monks or will he also be that of Hervé Gourdel? Whatever it is, this is a blatant infringement of national sovereignty which means nothing to some corrupt of the country, but that represents everything for the Patriots that we are. How is it that a French judge dares to point his nose while intense combing operations take place at the moment in Kabylie and that our soldiers are faced daily with terrorism? It is neither more nor less than an insult to our nation!

Let us review the facts of the death of the Tibhirine monks which has caused an ocean of ink. From his own testimony, the French prefect Jean-Charles Marchiani (former of the SDECE become DGSE) was commissioned by President Jacques Chirac to negotiate in secret, and without notifying the Algerian authorities, the release of the monks with the terrorists of GIA (armed Islamic Group) who had abducted them from their monastery on the night of 26-27 March 1996. Chirac had asked to Charles Pasqua, his Interior Minister, to not inform the Prime Minister Alain Juppé. The Colonel Clement, then head of the antenna of the DGSE in Algiers, received regularly the emissary of GIA at the Embassy of France in Algiers, leaving always the Algerian services in complete ignorance of these dealings. Organized leaks on the ongoing negotiations were revealed by a press article in the newspaper Le Parisien, putting an end to the mission of Marchiani and to his negotiations, signing de facto the death warrant of the monks whose only heads were found on May 30, 1996. Purely political reasons summing up to a rivalry between Chirac and Juppe have made fail to the negotiations with terrorists. The French regime which has the habit to generously pay ransoms to terrorists was not damn to conduct its negotiations to term. It’s therefore a French problem and we have difficulty to understand what comes do the judge Trévidic with us. He should rather to request accounts to Chirac, Juppe, Marchiani and the various officials of the French services involved up to his neck in this umpteenth collapse of politicians and intelligence of his country. Let him investigate in Syria to assess the number of weapons that the French authorities and their services have delivered to terrorists of Daech, Isis and Cie, or investigate the number of French jihadists who fight in different terrorists groups in Libya, Syria, Iraq and in Sahel. For us, everything is clear, the visit of judge Trévidic in Algeria is anything but a chance or a coincidence. The Algeria weakened by a government in decay concedes all to the France, and the gang that surrounds the invisible mummified president knows that its survival depend of Paris. To hell the hundreds of thousands murdered Algerians and an entire people traumatized by the Decade of blood, then that Mitterrand, the loyal friend of Pétain, encouraged the isolation of Algeria internationally while it was facing terrorism, alone, in the reality on the ground. Algeria fought without any outside help with its army and its people who rallied together to eradicate the Hydra of terrorist vermin, and at no time Algerians have made an ounce of concession for Westerners or their armed arm which is political Islamism. Everyone has resisted: the Algerian people, the PNA and the different security services, all together forming a body against gangrene terrorist while Westerners offered weapons, logistics, asylum and media forum to the jihadists cutthroats. We have not heard a single French voice at this time to exclaim ‘how horrible!’ when entire Algerian families were massacred. We continue to say that terrorist jihadism and its ideological matrix are the pure product of Western laboratories, via their allies the Saudi Arabia and Qatar who since have purchased any of the France. Nobody in France denied Qatari investments that convey softly the spread of Wahhabism which, subsequently, will bring terrorism on French soil. The French gendarmes prefer stigmatize the Algerian and identify him as a rioter and a vandal by doing exercises in which trainees gendarmes chant « One Two Three Viva the Algeria! » rather than pay attention to the slow but regular Wahhabi poison seeping in French society via the Qatari channel. This shows how much hatred of the Algerians is rooted in the French officials mentality and how also they don’t care about the security of their population, because the day where the dormant cells created by the penguins of the Qatar and Saudi Arabia will wake up, France will experience also the taste of terrorism.

At the precise moment when a French judge allows coming snooping around as a scavenger in Algerian Affairs, one rightly wonders where the Algerian magistrates who investigated from the French intelligence services and from some agents who knew the underside of the case of the Tibhirine monks are gone. Everyone knows that Algerian magistrates were dispatched with some French officers but we didn’t hear anything about it and, at this point, this silence will only bring problems. As we are tenacious journalists, we won’t stop to ask the conclusions of those Algerian judges who went apparently to investigate in France, because we forget nothing, nor our tragedy and that of our people, nor those who are responsible for our misfortune. In the darkest moments of the blood tragedy where its citizen’s heads rolled in the streets, Algeria never allowed anyone to put his nose in its internal affairs. What about today? Judge Trévidic who wants to reopen wounds and autopsy the Algerian tragedy is not welcome in Algeria, except to those who have invited him and who don’t recognize themselves in anything in the suffering of the Algerian people, since they have never experienced it, being stashed away abroad when we were massacred. France has destabilized Libya and the Sahel and facilitated terrorism which spread throughout Africa, does judge Trévidic will hear Nicolas Sarkozy about the murder of Gaddafi and will exhume the bodies of 90 000 Libyans that this war criminal has on consciousness? Will he perform an autopsy of all African bodies mutilated by French neocolonialism? Of course not! Those who, with us and through this transaction or case Trévidic, seek bail to continue in power are wrong across the Board. The France of today is dying and no longer offers nothing but the recession and unemployment to its own population. We, Algerian patriots, have nothing to do with a diversion in addition on the part of a France in bankruptcy. Aggressing the mountains of our country by sending a Gallic judge on his mule looking for the Holy Grail on our territory is nothing else than an exploitation of the pain of the missing monks families and all the Algerian people. What do you know about terrorism, Mr. Trévidic? Have you heard of babies that your terrorist friends have fried in frying pans? Have you ever seen severed heads at the dulled saw? Have you seen bombs explode you in full face? All the Algerian people is traumatized by what he lived for twenty years, so stop your posturing Western spoiled child. Terrorism and its eradication are a serious matter that concerned men; it’s not a kid’s game.

Algeria is no longer a colony of France, Mr. Trévidic, and it is well to remember, but we find incredibly injurious seeing a French examining magistrate investigate on Algerian soil.  You should instead look at the countless crimes of the French regime which has exterminated the Algerian people that was, by the law of the strongest, under its case-law. So go investigate about Maurice Papon, the French former prefect, the Nazi collaborator who has drowned Algerians in the Seine on October 17, 1961, and murdered the anti OAS demonstrators in the Charonne metro station on February 8, 1962. Go investigate the unspeakable genocide that your country has committed against the entire Algerian people by engaging in a programmed extermination which lasted from 1830 to 1962. Give us back the heads of our martyrs that you expose as trophies in your Natural History museums. We shall not need to perform an autopsy on them, because there is no doubt, it’s your people and your army who have killed them. Return us also the tens of thousands ears of our ancestors that your Marshals and your Emperor collected. Tell us where your paratroopers have buried the bodies of Ben M’hidi, Maurice Audin and all those that they were tortured and murdered. Finally, be aware, Mr. Trévidic, that during the horrific tragedy where the France lost seven monks, it’s all the Algerian people that lived a hell that neither you and or yours can imagine. We are all the monks of Tibhirine, and worse still! And don’t forget that we owe it in large part to your country. If you want that France win contracts in Algeria by putting pressure on the Algerian authorities that give it everything, find something else. You offered us the « who-kills-who? » accusing our army of massacring its people, you’ve watered this abject and slanderous theory with the blood of the Algerians, we will never forget it, and you’re far from being welcome in Algeria. You have no reason to come hold an inquiry with us. Does France have the same interests as Algeria? No, our interests are diametrically opposed. We agree on nothing, either in the question Syrian or Iranian, even less that of the Sahel and Libya, and in no case on the existence of Israel. It is hard to understand this so-called cooperation which we consider a grotesque farce. As long as the wounds of History will not be healed, and the arm of honor offered to Algeria by your former extreme-right Minister Gérard Longuet who eats to all racks is an example, the colonial and neo-colonial France will remain a mortal enemy of Algeria. Gorge yourself, Mr. Trévidic, of Royal shrimps and wine of « indigenous » or « wogs », as your ancestors the Gauls called us, we wish you a good digestion. And most importantly, stop to give your democracy lessons and so-called human rights across the globe. Finally, dare to look you in the face, France is a country in decline and which don’t assume it. It favored and supported all the rotten of the earth and it dares to speak of human rights? Wake up, pretentious and declining franchouillards, murderers and genocidal, History which is taught you in school has nothing to do with reality!

Stop of tormenting our dead, Mr. Trévidic, respect them and go to your beloved France. Get out of our land, our pain is not a show.

Mohsen Abdelmoumen

Published in french in Whatsupic, Oximity, and Palestine Solidarité