Georges Ibrahim Abdallah against the French fascist regime

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Georges Ibrahim Abdallah and his lawyer Jacques Vergès. D.R.

Georges Ibrahim Abdallah, Revolutionary Communist Arab, activist for the Palestinian cause and a member of the PFLP, is held in France since 1984, acquiring the status of most old prisoner in France and Europe, serving heavy sentences like Ilich Ramírez Sánchez, said Carlos, also from the PFLP, jailed in France since 1994, and, in the United States, Léonard Peltier, from the American Indian Movement, imprisoned since 1976, and Mumia Abu-Jamal, member of the Black Panthers and MOVE, incarcerated life since 1982 and who lived for years in the ‘democratic’ death corridor. These four men share the same fate of political prisoners sentenced in the West based on false reports and false testimony in mock trial. The nations of brutes who claim models while they are only totalitarian regimes, have preferred to throw these militants in prison, impute them crimes they have not committed to reduce them to silence forever, because we live in a world where the true light bearers are sentenced to the darkness of the fascist jails while real criminals enjoy the most absolute impunity. These so called « democratic » States whose cracks streaking their flashy facades are filled with zeal by their medialies and their corrupt elites, real manure humanity thirsty of power and money, hide a sordid reality where everything is false, calculated, rigged. How many murders were committed with the complicity of their writer hacks paid to the task? These timeless vomits breed themselves for centuries and commit the same crimes go unpunished. But despite their finery, artifices and making up, their daily scandals bare them and reveal their dark souls of imperialist ogres and Zionist and their courts are derisory in front to the Tribunal of Humanity which condemns them.

Releasable for fifteen years, Georges Abdallah is imprisoned in the jails of the French fascist regime for 30 years, accused for crimes without any evidence, if those that were manufactured. This militant of the Palestinian cause faces a unheard doggedness on the part of the French administration in thrall to Zionism, since the Court of appeal of Paris, which had to rule this December 18 has postponed once again his hearing concerning the ninth request for parole to January 29. It became a habit, the false pretenses accumulate to win time and deprive a man of his most basic right, showing the French justice as it is: a grotesque farce. Already in 2007, the seventh application for parole had been postponed five times, and three times in 2012 when the eighth release. In a society where the just cause’s activists are imprisoned when they are not murdered, Georges Ibrahim Abdallah became the symbol of resistance against the US imperialist oppression and its armed wing Israel running a vassal France. Apart from his very active support group and a few rare inaudible voices, no media or organization « Human-rightist », no political party of left, right or elsewhere and some color, evokes this umpteenth duplicity of the French courts, participating in a denial of liberty and justice on the part of a fascist system and its allies bohos. Some circles dare mention the word ‘revolution’, as if they were suffering from an unstoppable hiccup, these essential allied small bourgeois of imperialism, nerd maggots that have never known the action, having always been experts in the art of the chat. Georges Ibrahim Abdallah is not only the oldest prisoner of a French fascist regime worthy heir of Petainism and the long bloody colonialist night, he is also prisoner of the cowardice of rotten in the media and political elites. The fact that he remains standing annoys and embarrasses the navel-gazing of many false prophets whose only posture is to knee. 30 years in prison, is the price of the resistance of a man drawn up against imperialism, Zionism and colonialism, the heavy toll paid by a man committed to which everything was stolen. His former lawyer, the brilliant Jacques Vergès unfortunately disappeared, has defended him vigorously without concession as he knew do, putting France faced with contradictions but despite all his talent, he has failed to release his client, the successive Ministers of the Interior and Justice making pressure on the judges, what made tell our friend Jacques Vergès: “France is the whore of America ».

Born April 2, 1951 in Northern Lebanon, Georges Ibrahim Abdallah is committed in the resistance during the civil war ravaging his country and mass killings by the bourgeois confessionnalists from all sides with their Israeli and Franco-Americans allies. He first joined the ranks of the Syrian Social National Party (PNSS) to then join the Palestinian resistance by becoming a member of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP). He was wounded during the resistance to the Zionist invasion of southern Lebanon in 1978. To fight against imperialist and Zionist barbarity US, several organizations of Lebanese and Arab fighters decide to hit the interests of imperialist and Zionists in the world, as the Lebanese revolutionary armed Fractions (FARL), entries in action in Europe. Among the main operations attributed to the FARL in France: execution on January 18, 1982, Colonel Charles soldier Ray, attached to the Embassy of the United States, and execution on 3 April 1982, by Yakov Barsimantov, head of Mossad and Assistant Secretary to the Zionist Embassy in Paris. Georges Abdallah was arrested in October 24, 1984, in Lyon, his incarceration being motivated by the detention of « true-false » identity documents: a passport legally issued by the Algerian authorities. Following negotiations undertaken by the Algeria, the French State undertakes with the Algerian Government to release him quickly, but the France will never meet this commitment. July 10, 1986, Georges Abdallah was sentenced to four years in prison for possession of weapons and explosives. However the American authorities exert direct pressure on the French government so that it is not released. The United States of America are civil parties in the trial and President Ronald Reagan mentions the subject in a meeting with President François Mitterrand. Zionist pressures add to American pressures. Meanwhile, in 1985-1986, attacks causing many victims (13 dead and more than 300 wounded) are committed in Paris. They are claimed by the CSPPA (Committee of Solidarity with Arab Political Prisoners) which requires, among other things, the release of Georges Ibrahim Abdallah. It is in this context, while Georges Abdallah is incarcerated for more than a year, that the Direction of Territorial Surveillance (DST) announced the « discovery » of a weapon in an apartment rented in his name, claiming that the weapon had been used in the attack of Colonel Ray and Constable Barsimantov. In March 1987, the French authorities try a second time Georges Ibrahim Abdallah on the basis of this miraculous seizure. A verdict of conviction is life imprisonment pronounced although the Attorney general has required a sentence of ten years imprisonment. In prison, Georges Abdallah continues to defend the cause of oppressed peoples. He joined the platform of June 19, 1999, which brings together in a community of struggle 100 revolutionary prisoners, communist, anarchist, anti-fascist and anti-imperialist, and he participated in the hunger strikes in solidarity with the imprisoned Turkish revolutionaries and Palestinian prisoners. Releasable since 1999, all his applications for parole, from adjournments in rejections, are dismissed on the pretext « anti-imperialist and anti-Israeli beliefs remained intact and very strong » and that he constitutes « a threat to the security » of the France, despite the fact that his guards have testified of his exemplary behaviour and that the Lebanese Government has formally requested his repatriation to resume his teaching activity.

The years that spent Georges Abdallah in the infected cells of prisons of a France whose history is stained by blood but allows to give lessons of democracy across the globe, will be never returned to him. But the French colonialists and their puppets spooks around the world will appear sooner or later before the Tribunal of History, only able to count the millions of dead bodies who demand justice. As the French say, and they are the champions of the pompous and hollow phrases, they are not less war criminals, murderers of mass and the genocidal in the pay of US imperialism and Zionism of Israel. They Excel to drown the truth on their TV sets that produce bogus heroes and nicks intellectuals, new Messiahs of treachery and Judas who prostitute themselves for some money. The France welcomes home all the renegades of the planet, all stashed traitors and democratic suitors, it sponsors every democratic evacuation route that adhere to his hypocritical speech, its values colonialists and fascists disguised in ‘European values’, ‘freedom of expression’, ‘human rights’ or ‘women’s rights ‘. Lies and betrayal draped in arrogance are specialties typically French. France has lost its honor for a long time and the case of Georges Abdallah fits into the long French history of cowardice doubled of contention. Keeping him in prison, they are the arrogant and contemptuous to the people snobs who locked themselves in their own egos, their stupidity and their cowardice « toothless ». Their ineffective sectarian dogmas have never produced any struggle other than to fill their bellies. George Abdallah has never falters and remains a free man in a society submitted and prostitute who sold his soul to the highest bidder, to dealers of guns and wind. The West makes its heroes chewing gum without having real, authentic bearers of light, but oppressed peoples, them, know yet distinguish the bad seed from the chaff. An ephemeral siren’s sing can’t compete with the cry of a Just man in front of the ignominy of those who keep him in a cage and who believe that an idea can be locked and choked. They have already lost, them and their multitude of minions, and boredom became their only home.

If the silence of Western media does not surprise us knowing they have ceased to inform for a long time to be a tool of domination and manipulation Imperialist-Zionist, in the case of the Arab media in general and Algerians in particular, we can only be surprised by their indifference to the case of Georges Ibrahim Abdallah, while this latter is a militant of the Palestinian cause. He wears an Algerian passport, and he is our brother in the fight against the Zionists. The Algerian media seem to be more occupied by things that appear most important but whose we do not know the secrets. They are touched by the fate of a new « genius » of literature which sparked an unprecedented excitement in the gilded salons and which drains a wide range of supporters through petitions launched in Paris and Algiers in reaction to the declaration of a useful idiot belonging to the same matrix as the one he has sentenced. These petitions are however revealing of the real issues that they conceal because they are carried out by well-known Zionists such as Bernard Henri Lévy, the Messiah of the Zionist spring and « philosopher » puppet to the open shirt and the falsely rebel wick, the Tartuffe female Caroline Fourest, the fanatical Muse of lesbians and gays of Paris and great friend of the Ukrainian Femen, these lewd hysterical Valkyries, Raphaël Enthoven, another self-appointed « philosopher » and son of a Zionist Jew born in Mascara, well known in perverse Jet set circles, and who both, father and son, had the honour to share the layer of Carla Bruni before she does throw her sights on Nicolas Sarkozy, there is also the name of the lawyer Robert Badinter, the « conscience » of the world, who prefers to sign petitions rather than speak out against the flagrant justice denial that represents the case of Georges Abdallah. In this petition are include also other characters renowned in their desire to harm the Algeria. In short, only great people! Each chooses its camp and its symbols. We chose ours, away from those. The betrayal of these Algerian media and an « elite » revisionist arrogant towards people, who feels out of the thigh of Jupiter, clearly shows their neglect of the Palestinian cause, as of all just causes, also. Instead of journalists committed and worried of informing, we have sellers for the pub and prostitutes of the pen. The rooms air-conditioned in Algiers with their false devotees have become the sounding box of Zionist circles of France, in a small bourgeois consensus of bigotry and stupidity. Not a word about Georges Ibrahim Abdallah, this behavior is lamentable. When you think that the Algeria once housed all revolutionary movements and Liberation around the world and that it was called the Mecca of the revolutionaries!

People have changed since you are in prison, dear Georges. In their filthy world, everything sells and buys everything, comrade, and betrayal is everywhere. But you, you are a free man, my brother!

Lettre Georges Abdallah

Letter Comrade Georges Abdallah sent me. D.R.

By writing me a letter full of warmth and friendship, Comrade Georges Abdallah has demonstrated that although only imprisoned for many years, nothing or no one can kill the hope which lives in him. The items that we have dedicated to him are of the same nature, nothing will break us and we’ll die standing. We are of those who maintain a hope drew to sources of despair itself, in the eternal beauty of human beings who have gone by offering their lives for the only worthwhile cause: the love of freedom, justice and solidarity. The Imperial boat taking on water everywhere and the efforts of slaves to plug the gaps are paltry, the wood is rotten. Soon, the Empire will sink into the terrible abyss that created it, carried away by its own decrepitude. As for us, we know the homelands and people for which we will always fight. And in the infect navel of imperialism, Zionism and colonialism, we will plant our banner which will float and will radiate through the centuries. Nothing can stifle the breath of our humanity attached to an idea of freedom and justice.

Mohsen Abdelmoumen

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