The elimination of the leader of Daesh-IS in Algeria: a qualitative operation

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Abelmalek Gouri, chef de Daesh-IS en Algérie éliminé par l'ANP

 Abdelmalek Gouri, head of Daesh-IS in Algeria, eliminated by the ANP. D.R.

The masterful operation that resulted in the neutralization of Abdelmalek Gouri, the Emir of Daesh-IS in Algeria, is the fruit of a long and painstaking intelligence work by the ANP (National People’s Army), the DRS (secret service), the National Gendarmerie and the National Police. The cell of coordination to fight against terrorism and bringing together the various security bodies has shown its effectiveness in carrying out the dismantling of networks of logistics of Daesh-IS in several towns in Eastern Algeria such as Constantine, Guelma, Tebessa, and others. These extremely specific interventions have enabled the elimination of the direct surroundings of the alleged leader of Daesh-IS in Algeria who wanted to settle in the strategic area of Boumerdes, former stronghold of the GSPC (Salafist Group for preaching and combat).  The rapidity of execution, either in neutralizing the terrorist group logistics networks as well as in the elimination of its alleged leader, has proven to the world the professionalism and the competence of our security services and their hardening to the threat that comes mainly from Libya. Knowing that Daesh-IS is linked to very powerful intelligence services, Senator McCain being boasted of almost daily relations with the group, it can be said that through this massive operation targeted of the ANP as well as all the bodies that have worked day and night for several months, have scuppered the project of a subsidiary of Daesh-IS in Algeria, generated by the Libyan chaos.

Abdelmalek Gouri before having lent allegiance to Daesh-IS, had already struck under the banner of AQIM by organizing, in August 2008, the suicide bombing against the Graduate School of the National Gendarmerie of Issers where 48 people were killed and 45 wounded among the candidates gendarmes, as well as another attack in the aftermath of the presidential elections of 17 April which had cost the lives of 14 soldiers in Iboudrarene. Gouri eliminated, our soldiers and gendarmes can now rest in peace, and their blood was not shed in vain. Fact very intriguing, this operation of paramount importance not only for the stability of Algeria but for that of the Maghreb and Sahel, went almost unnoticed in the Western media that have little spoken about it. How Western Governments dare they talk of struggle against terrorism while they do not even mention the concrete results brought back by our army, while their coalition against Daesh-IS in Iraq and in Syria produced no benefit so far despite all that they have mobilized in men and equipment? This proves that the West, through the coalition, make the show by fattening the military-industrial lobby and that its interests are other than to battle terrorism. This proves that the West, through the coalition, makes the show by fattening the military-industrial lobby and that its interests are other than fighting terrorism. Algeria has shown how to fight it, giving a lesson to the world, including to the French installed in Mali for two years and whose operations Serval and Barkhane brought no tangible results. Unless the French regime considers that the release of the hostage Serge Lazarevic in consideration of the enlargement of five terrorist leaders imprisoned in Mali and the payment of a ransom of several million Euros is a success. Not only France has been spearheading the intervention in Libya under the NATO’s banner, generating the current chaos, but it also failed in its presence in northern Mali. We can never say it enough. We repeat that the Algerian roadmap for the resolution of the Libyan crisis is the only valid although opposed by many occult forces that benefit of the Libyan slump.

Abdelmalek Gouri, alias Abou Khaled Selmane, his maquis name, bloodthirsty leader of the new terrorist organization Al-Djund Khilafa responsible for the kidnapping of French Hervé Gourdel on September 23 in Tikjda, was eliminated during an ambush by ANP and the various security bodies in the night of December 22 to 23, at the entrance of the city of Issers, 60 km east of Algiers, a few days after the liquidation in Sidi Daoud three other terrorists including Berrached Merzak, Emir of the Katibet El Ansar. Gouri was moving in a light vehicle with two other terrorists, including his second Rabah Tarfi. All three were shot at a few hundred meters from the Graduate School of the National Gendarmerie, where Gouri had led the kamikaze attack against the Gendarmerie candidates in 2008. Born in 1977 in the village of Boudhar in the Boumerdes wilaya, Abdelmalek Gouri joined the maquis in 1999 before being arrested by the forces of the ANP. Upon his release from prison in 2001, he created the El Arkam Katibet deemed to be the fiercest of the ex-GSPC active in the Boumerdes wilaya, and becomes the right arm of AQIM’s Emir, Abdelmalek Droukdel. Sentenced to death in absentia on several times, Abdelmalek Gouri said Abou Selmane has conducted under the AQIM’s banner between 2007 and 2011, various terrorist acts and suicide bombings targeting security buildings in the wilayas of Algiers and Boumerdes, and organized the murders of members of the security forces and GLD (vigilante groups). He also has to his credit the recruitment of a dozen children 8 to 15 years old in order to use them in suicide attacks. It should be noted that the emergence of Gouri, virtually unknown until then, occurred when he pledged allegiance to Daesh-IS in this strange Gourdel case that has not yet revealed all the secrets. Anyway, the liquidation of the head of Daesh-IS in Algeria by Algerian security forces is a clear message to foreign attempts to introduce the terrorist organization in our country. During the various search operations that were conducted since the Gourdel case last September, more than a dozen terrorists were eliminated of the thirty making up this new terrorist organization, the survivors being hounded relentlessly by the forces of ANP. Among the terrorists put out of harm’s way, there are several emirs. All previously acted on behalf of the Katibets El Arkam, El Ansar, El Farouk, El Houda and that were active in the maquis of wilayas of Boumerdes, Tizi Ouzou and Bouira.

The fight against terrorism has its own rules that rely on intelligence and on a rigorous and methodical work of different services. Intelligence remains essential in tracking down terrorists, and timeliness, accuracy of this major operation by the Algerian army and its spine DRS who did a great job, and the gendarmerie and the national police, is quite remarkable. The time factor was crucial. Indeed, it was essential to leave no possibility to Daesh-IS to structure itself and to set up in Algeria, it was absolutely necessary to nip in the bud its emergence in our country. This is what marked the tracking of all these elements known by our various intelligence services. The defectors band of AQIM from which the chief was eliminated, was harassed day and night by the ANP until his head is removed. The speed of action, intelligence gathering, infiltration, the ability to strike at any time, the perfect coordination that we have always desired between different security bodies, have been more than fruitful. Despite the attempt attack immediately pushed back against a barracks in Mokrani, 40 km to the West of Bouira, in revenge after the death of Gouri, what remains of the terrorist group is dying, because once the head is fallen, there is no longer the tail that wags. It should nevertheless remain vigilant and monitor the recruitment process, including on the Internet, as we saw recently with the dismantled cell in Tiaret. In this configuration, the citizen must be mobilized in the same way as the soldier, the gendarme and the policeman. Everyone must take seriously this threat Daesh-IS in Algeria, it is important not to allow this organization to settle with us, especially as it can benefit from the contribution of different terrorist groups based in Libya that could provide various logistics, weapons, money, etc. The Algerian citizen must remain alert without falling in paranoia, because our painful experience does that we know better than anyone what is terrorism. The media must also play their role. It is worth noting that some newspapers congratulated the General Staff for the quality of its work when others praised the DRS, it is essential to stop favoring one at the expense of the other, we have a single army called the ANP, a national gendarmerie, a national police and a people that rejected the Islamist project. Let us stop quibbling to determine which took the initiative. We know that in this type of operation, the intelligence work is vital and the DRS has a long experience in this field. Of course, this does not diminish the role of the General Staff that is coordinating the fight against terrorism. Each one takes up his duty, policemen, soldiers, intelligence agents, executives, officers, non commissioned officers and citizens. If we once militarily defeated terrorism, it is because all the people united against these bloodthirsty hordes that wanted to impose their rule to the whole society. The strength of our security services and our army comes directly from the Algerian citizen, who is at the centre of the fight against terrorism through his involvement. The media should reflect this state of mind to join the fight and not divide and sow discord among those fighting the terrorists on the ground. Algeria has shown by this spectacular, effective, accurate operation, the way to combat the scourge of terrorism, giving a real lesson to the world powers that avail themselves of combating terrorism they support. Our intelligence services and all bodies involved in this action have not only neutralized a terrorist group, or even several, but mostly foiled an attempt to destabilize Algeria via a group manipulated from the outside by Western intelligence services and Israeli. Algeria’s signal is very strong and the message sent by our army and our intelligence services to all those who dare defile our land and touch our territorial integrity is clear: “We will track you relentlessly and blood of our soldiers will not flow in vain. Wherever you are, we will eliminate you one after the other”. This message is also addressed to AQIM and its leader Droukdel who must immediately ponder the fate of his former deputy and consider his unconditional surrender if he does not want to end up like Gouri.

Algeria will remain a planted bone through the throat of all intelligence services that are currently cheating in Libya, Mali and Niger, not to say in the whole Sahel. The fight against terrorism can be made only with the Algeria, and it is not a country like Morocco whose army is infiltrated by Daesh-IS, especially in Marrakech, which can claim play the terrorism card as it tries to do so by standing on the chessboard of the Sahel with the help of the France. In the fight against terrorism, whether in the Maghreb or in the Sahel, nothing will happen without the Algerian army which is the only one able to carry out such operations and who knows perfectly all the groups in the presence in the area. Concerning the French, if they want to make themselves useful, that they cease to allow terrorists to buy weapons and fuel their bank’s accounts by paying ransoms. It is the least that the France can do; we do not ask it much. Regarding Morocco, that not knows the terrorist phenomenon, it has neither expertise nor any capacity to fight it and we shall spend gladly of the shenanigans of the Makhzen which has armed and equipped the Mujao. It is time that hypocrisy is stored in the closet. It is not about the interest of one State against another, but a global threat, and  everyone must to stop playing with fire and aligns with the Algerian option once and for all, because it is the only viable and valid, and that brings results by the facts. If the Americans have announced the death of Baghdadi without follow up to this information, and without providing any evidence, in Algeria, one strikes terrorism with tangible results, images in support.

Never citing Algeria whose army is the only one left standing in the region and that actually fight terrorism with convincing results, the French Defence Minister Jean Yves Le Drian, offered a plethora of contradictions in a recent interview in the JDD this December 28th. According to him, it would be desirable to find a political solution in Libya’s air strikes because they are sterile and we cannot bomb an independent country. Was not Libya already an independent state before the disastrous intervention of France and NATO? And Syria, Iraq, are they not also independent countries? In this case and since, according to Le Drian, air strikes are sterile, what just makes France alongside the Americans in the coalition in Iraq and Syria? This same minister then informed us that all the intelligence services of the world know that Belmokhtar is in the south of Libya, and Derna  became the sanctuary of Al Qaeda and Daesh-IS, what we previously announced in our previous articles. Jean Yves Le Drian also announced that the UN, the African Union and the countries bordering Libya will support this “burning security issue” that threatens the security of France. It does seem to worry for only France, what about the security of neighboring countries, including Algeria? He also welcomed the decision from the meeting of the G5 Sahel this December 19 at Nouakchott consists of Chad, Mauritania, Mali, Niger and Burkina Faso, States that are all, remember, the valets of the France, and have requested military intervention in Libya. Thus the France plays on the two tables stating that the solution can only be political, which is the position of Algeria that refuses any intervention since the beginning, and then using the countries of Sahel to snatch a broad support for purposes of military intervention. Evoking Belmokhtar, the organizer of the Tiguentourine attack, Le Drian try to lure Algeria for involve it outside its borders. He knows that the Sahel countries have virtually no army and he wants to drown Algeria in the Libyan quagmire caused by France. If there is something to ask the UN, it is condemn Sarkozy for crimes against humanity committed during his intervention in Libya in 2011, like we demand the condemnation of Bush, Blair and Cheney for same crimes committed in Iraq. The United Nations should organize an immediate conference on terrorism and its adverse effects that France has engendered in Libya, and about the plight of millions of refugees following the security crisis ravaging their country, and it is certainly not to Algeria alone to handle this issue, Mr. Le Drian! Irresponsible utterance of an irresponsible Minister. If France stopped to play with the stability of the African continent and the world, this would be a nice bonus. We would also like it refrain manipulating the African Union which most heads of State vassals have ignored its multiple abuses, including its criminal intervention in Libya which is very expensive to the safety of Algeria and certainly not to the Gauls, despite concerns expressed by Le Drian for the security of his country alone. If we have something to ask you, Mr. Le Drian, is to shut up. We know that information for months and we did not wait you for get it. However, stating that Daesh-IS moves Maghreb from Derna, strategic focal point, the French Defense minister confirms what we said in a previous article. It is here that the elimination of Gouri was of utmost importance, because it allowed the eradication of the bridgehead which aimed to install Daesh-IS in Algeria, opening the way to the terrorist hordes from Libya. History will prove what we have always said: Daesh-IS is a creation of the Zionist-American information services, as was the case of Al Qaeda, by owns admission of Hillary Clinton and others. As for our country, Algeria, its army and intelligence services remain the fortress on which will break the chimeras of all terrorist groups as well as their puppet masters who pull the strings in the background.

Mohsen Abdelmoumen

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