After a threat, I’m going to sue Saïd Bouteflika and Ali Haddad

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Saïd Bouteflika and Ali Haddad. DR.

It was not enough for them to destroy the country, to make of Algeria the laughing stock of the planet at every level, now the Mafiosi, Said Bouteflika, the brother of the Algerian president who leads Algeria by proxy and has taken the country hostage, his accomplice Ali Haddad and their clan of eunuchs, allow to send me threats for my writings via their minions. I announce that I am going to attack you in court but, before, I will denounce you in front of the whole planet, that is to say to all my contacts and all governmental and non-governmental organizations. You want to play it like that, I will play it as you like and Woe betide the losers! The next time you send your executors of dirty works, ask them they come up under their identity. I sign all my articles and interviews with my real name. The screenshot of the threat email that I received this December 7, 2016, proof that I add to this text where one of your underlings threats me via the Algerian Interior Minister and Algerian diplomacy, is the straw that breaks the camel’s back. You have declared war on me, you have sought me, you are going to find me, and you will regret bitterly this threat. The people who are cited in this letter will be also sued. The individual who hid in anonymity will be identified via his IP address and he’ll get hurt. We’ll know what clan he belongs to. I decided to hit the head of the snake, your leader to you all, the minions, namely Said Bouteflika and his valet, the tarred Ali Haddad. It is not you, the corrupt traitors, who defend the interests of Algeria, but I, with my writings that I diffuse throughout the world. It’s my turn now to move to the threat, band of traitors to the nation! I don’t care who wrote this threat, but he’ll pay it dearly. This fool who forbids me the soil of my ancestors does not know to what type of man I belong and what I’m made of. I will not shrink from anything; I am a revolutionary and protesting activist. I’ll go to court and all those who have approached me in writing or by telephone will be summoned to appear. I’ll unveil all types of contacts, emails, phones, threats via social networks, etc. that I have received and they will be delivered to justice. I know you all, one by one. Everyone will find themselves in full light. These methods of thugs, you can use them with others, but not with someone like me. You’ll kick yourselves. I am busy with interviews with personalities who are far superior to you, and you appear as dung flies. You have played in my private domain, you will face the consequences. I express myself as a citizen, Algerian patriot, whose ancestors have shed their blood for this land. Nobody will stop me from speaking, neither your threats nor anything! Actually, I fuck you and you’re going to pay for your threats. As for you, the microbe that contacted me, if judicially you will be identified, in the media, you could have had your quarter-hour of glory by signing your threats of your name, but you prefer to leave your initials and you will disappear in the anonymity. You’re nothing for me, I don’t take care of the bastards, I attack the sponsors. You’ll see who is the buffoon, small sewer rat! Basta! This is the end of the recess; I go to the top speed! I know how to fight and I know how to win, and I do not write for castrates, neither for X, nor for Y, and certainly not to please or pick up crumbs from the usurpers table – I leave that to others and god knows if there are many! – but to honor the memory of those who went barefoot to free the homeland. I warned you to stop your game via the press, but you have turned a deaf ear, taking you for gods. I know what I’m doing; the war against you is total. From the media, I will go to court. This text goes around the world and will be subject to justice. War is war! Down with the traitors! Glory to our martyrs!

Mohsen Abdelmoumen


Threats mail screenshot. DR.


Threats mail screenshot, next. DR.

Published in American Herald Tribune, December 7, 2016:

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