Colonel Régis Chamagne: “The attack on Libya was a major strategic mistake and a crime against humanity”

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Colonel Régis Chamagne. DR.

Mohsen Abdelmoumen: What do you think of Colonel Legrier’s criticism of the tactics the West has used against ISIS in Syria that Reuters mentioned in an article?

Colonel Régis Chamagne: Colonel Legrier’s analysis is good in my opinion. The duty of secrecy of the military concerns among others the critics of the strategy of France. However, to the extent that he presents an article in an official defense journal and where it is initially accepted, he is entitled to it. What is enlightening, however, is the political reaction after the fact. It shows a spirit of censorship and contempt for the military.

What do you think of the return of 130 jihadists in France? Do the French intelligence services have the means to watch these jihadists?

These jihadists are French and it is normal for France to look after them. To each his problems. I do not know if it is expected that when they return to France, they will go through the « justice » box. It should be the least we can do in my opinion. If that is not the case, I think that services anyway have the means to watch them.

What’s the use of NATO today? Do not you think it’s obsolete? Do not you think that the disagreement between the European Union and the Trump administration has affected the functioning of NATO?

NATO should have been dismantled after the fall of the USSR. It had an existential crisis at that time and found other missions. Anything that can precipitate its end is a good thing, especially the disagreements between Trump and the EU.

How do you explain that Westerners continue to deliver weapons to the Saudis who are fighting a criminal war against Yemen?

They deliver weapons because Saudi Arabia is rich and pays well. Human rights, it is when it suits us.

Emmanuel Macron spoke about the project of a European army. How do you analyze that?

An additional stupidity of Macron, out the time of history since the EU will end like the USSR ended, and soon I think. There can be no European army; it simply does not make sense because there is no European people. Now, the army is to the nation what the immune defenses are to the human body. So, no European people imply no European army possible.

After several years of French military involvement in Mali, there is still a very important activity of the different terrorist groups in the region. In your opinion, is the war that France is waging in Mali not endless? And is the French intervention under the aegis of NATO in Libya, not a strategic mistake that destabilized the whole Sahel?

The attack on Libya was a major strategic mistake and a crime against humanity. Gaddafi stabilized the Sahel. What is happening in Mali is the direct consequence of our intervention in Libya. And this may last because having opened the Pandora’s box, we have underestimated (or maybe not even estimated at all) the consequences that it could have had.

In your opinion, should the solution in Libya be military or political?

The solution in Libya must obviously be political, and possibly with military support at the beginning. With regard to the functioning of a state, no military solution is viable in the long term, only a political solution can be if it is intelligent.

Do not you think that there is a need to get out of US hegemony to go to a multipolar world that can guarantee global balances?

Things are happening. This is what I explain in my lectures and articles that deal with the geopolitical paradigm shift. At this moment, the process that leads from an imperial American world to a multipolar (or post-imperial) world is nearing completion. The Russians and the Chinese already have a technological advance on the USA in terms of defense (electronic warfare, hypersonic flight, quantum radar …). The repeated threats of all kinds (economic sanctions) of the USA against the countries which carry out a policy which displeases them no longer have any effective not to promote the rapprochement of these countries with Russia, China … in short, the OSC (Organization for Shanghai Cooperation) and the BRICS.

We saw Macron’s support for Bouteflika. Is it not an interference in the affairs of Algeria?

This is, of course, an interference in the affairs of a foreign country, as well as the recognition of the coup d’état in Venezuela. The scoundrels support each other.

What is funny (if you will) is that as soon as there are opposition movements in France, the media speak of Russian interference.

In a demonstration (was it in France or Algeria, I do not know anymore) a placard said these words:Macron support Boutef (note: Bouteflika), Algerians support Yellow Vests. International solidarity!

Interview realized by Mohsen Abdelmoumen


Who is Colonel Régis Chamagne?

Régis Chamagne, born in 1958 in Constantine (Algeria), is a former colonel of the French Air Force. He joined the French Air Force Academy in 1977 to become an officer, engineer and then fighter pilot. Chevalier of the Legion of Honor, Officer of the National Order of Merit, holder of the Medal of the Aeronautics, he totalizes more than 3000 hours of flight.

First, pilot in air defense squadron and flight commander on Mirage F1C in Cambrai, then commander of a reconnaissance squadron on Mirage F1CR in Strasbourg, he has carried out operational detachments in Chad, Saudi Arabia and Turkey. After a year at the General Inspectorate of the Air Force, he was posted to the Nancy-Ochey Air Base where he commanded the 3rd Fighter Squadron on Mirage IIIE and Mirage 2000D. This command put an end to the operational part of his career in the summer of 1995. From 1995 to 1996, he attended the Joint-services Superior War School. After graduating from the War School, he became head of the Operational Analysis Office at the Air Defense and Air Operations Command (CDAOA) and head of the Intelligence Department. After being appointed Head of Mission to the Major General of the Armed Forces General Staff, then Head of the Army General Staff’s Targeting Section, he was entrusted with the command of the air base BA 106 of Bordeaux-Mérignac. He left the Air Force in 2004 with the rank of colonel.

He is the author of « The Art of Air Warfare« , which received the 2005 Estrade-Delcros Award from the Academy of Moral and Political Sciences, and « Get-up« , an invitation to the French people to wake up, to stand up and not to be subjected to the yoke of a stateless class who planned its destruction.

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