Dr. Daniel Warner: « The US/Saudi relation is based on money and bases »

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Dr. Daniel Warner talks us about Algeria and about US foreign policy

Daniel WarnerDr. Daniel Warner. DR.

Dr. Daniel Warner is an American political scientist who lives in Geneva, Switzerland, since 1972. He earned his BA in Philosophy and Religion from Amherst College, USA, and a PhD in Political Science from the Graduate Institute of International Studies in Geneva (HEID). At age 21, he worked for Bobby Kennedy, whom he admired, and notably participated in the speech that Senator Kennedy gave in Los Angeles in 1968, just before he was murdered. Refusing to participate in the Vietnam War, Daniel Warner became a teacher in the rough neighborhoods and was one of the first Whites to teach in a black school in Harlem. He was also intensively committed in the civil rights movement before leaving the United States for Europe where he moved to Geneva.

Until 2010, Dr. Warner was Director of the Center for International Governance (IGC) at the Graduate Institute of International Studies and Development (HEID) in Switzerland. PhD in Political Science, Dr. Warner has served as an advisor to the ILO (International Labour Organization), UNHCR (the UN Refugee Agency) and NATO as well as a consultant to the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Defense of Switzerland. He has lectured at Oxford, Cambridge, Yale, Moscow State University, Hebrew University and so on. His work has been translated into French, German, Russian, Arabic and Persian.

Dr. Warner was kind enough to answer a few questions, particularly concerning the major protests that have been taking place since 22 February in Algeria, which led President Bouteflika to resign. Dr. Warner wrote an article he published in the alternative press, particularly in Counterpunch, which he took up in his blog: “And Now Algeria“. Asked him how he saw the evolution of the situation in Algeria, he replied that the period of stagnation was over in Algeria due to President Bouteflika’s health and people on the streets, and that what has gone on cannot continue. As I was surprised by his particular interest for Algeria, he told me he had the honor of training Algerian diplomats there and in Geneva as well as lecturing in and visiting the country in addition to having dear Algerian friends in Geneva.

Regarding US foreign policy, I asked Dr. Warner what he thought of the United States’ unwavering support for Saudi Arabia while this one has spread Wahhabism throughout the planet according to the confession of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. According to Dr. Warner, the US/Saudi relation is based on money and bases, and when I told him about the international silence about Saudi Arabia war in Yemen using even depleted uranium against the Yemeni population, he added that Saudi Arabia was untouchable by the United States, stating that even Switzerland abstained from condemning Saudi Arabia in the Human Rights Council. Dr. Warner’s comment is similar to that of Dr. Bruce Riedel, a former senior CIA official and advisor to four presidents of the United States, that I had interviewed in October 2016 and who had told me about Algeria, speaking well of Algerian intelligence services, the DRS, and who added that nothing could alter the historical relations between the United States and Saudi Arabia that dated back to Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s time.

I also asked him about the Trump administration’s decision to recognize Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan without any legitimacy. Dr. Warner acknowledged that the recognition of the Golan Heights to Israel is against international law, but consistent with the bias towards Israel, as is the transfer of the US Embassy to Jerusalem.

Responding to my question about Donald Trump’s governance, Dr. Warner believes that it is beyond rational answer, whereas today’s politics and politicians correspond to what Benjamin DeMott many years ago called junk politics.

Regarding the need for a multipolar world, for him who visited the USSR for the first time in 1984 and who has visited Russia regularly since then, multilateralism is the only answer to global politics.

To my question about the obsolescence of NATO, knowing this organization very well since he was an advisor, Dr. Warner believes that NATO is in need of serious reform.

Dr. Warner’s articles can be consulted on his blog.

Interview realized by Mohsen Abdelmoumen

Published in American Herald Tribune, April 06, 2019:  https://ahtribune.com/interview/3024-daniel-warner.html

In Palestine Solidarité: http://www.palestine-solidarite.org/analyses.mohsen_abdelmoumen.070419.htm