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Michelle Bachelet, United Nations, High Commissioner for Human Rights; 17 September 2020. Credit: UN Photo / Jean Marc Ferré/ Flickr

Dear Madam the UN,

You have been talking a lot about my country, Algeria, for some time now, and I must confess to you that if your opinions have never convinced me, as I know you are so far removed from any notion of justice and equity, I want react when my homeland is affected. And this is what you do with your legendary subjectivity, obeying a purely imperialist and neo-colonialist agenda that aims at nothing more and nothing less than the dismantling of my country. This is how the gesticulations of your « experts » who claim to be « alarmed » by a so-called « oppression » in Algeria prompted me to take up the pen to write you this missive. As usual, when you point your sights at a country, you bring out the great game of « human rights », « democracy » and « freedom of speech », and you allow yourself to give lessons. It’s the same method you’ve been using for ages and, of course, you don’t change a winning team, don’t you? How many countries haven’t they tasted your deadly poison? Your hands are filled with the blood of the peoples massacred by your imperialist masters and whom you have endorsed.

Explain to us why you have never been alarmed by the fate of the people Vietnamese, Palestinian, Lebanese, Yugoslavian, Afghan, Sahrawi, Yemeni, Sudanese, Syrian, Libyan, and so on! or the Iraqi people when a high-ranking U.S. official pulled out a urine test tube as a WMD sample to incite you to endorse a war against Iraq. Not only did you not worry about the fate of all these peoples, but you turned a blind eye to their massacre. Do you take umbrage at the damage done to the peoples by the sanctions imposed by your Security Council on countries that do not comply with the injunctions of US imperialism, such as Cuba, which has been under embargo since 1962? No, of course not. Nor do you care about sanctions against Iran, Venezuela, Yemen, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Iraq and many others. Where is your conscience when the USA is fomenting Coups d’Etat in Latin America or in Ukraine, or recently in Belarus? Where were you when Pinochet took power in Chile and tortured and exterminated thousands of Chileans, what did you say when the military junta seized Argentina and the opponents were thrown into the void from the helicopters? Were you outraged by the abject apartheid practiced during years in South Africa? We didn’t hear you more when the terrorists were slaughtering my people and when Algeria was isolated from the world? Where were you when a puppet like Juan Guaido proclaimed himself President of Venezuela and took money from the Venezuelan people, while President Maduro was elected by his people in one of the most exemplary elections on the planet, according to former US President Jimmy Carter? You are alarmed about Algeria today but why weren’t you worried at the time of Bouteflika? Simply because Bouteflika and his gang of thugs filled the coffers of Western banks, ruining Algeria without you taking offence. You have come to terms with his reign because you are as corrupt as he is. You waited for the Algerian people to rise up on a certain February 22nd to take an interest in them, rubbing your hands together in the belief that you were witnessing a new wave of the Arab spring. You really believed that the Algerian people were going to burn down their country, but they taught the world a lesson by peacefully getting rid of a corrupt president. What is happening today in Algeria does not concern you at all, it is a matter that concerns only Algeria and Algerians. You support « Algerian » renegades and traitors who have sold their souls by appealing to you to intervene in our internal affairs. You rely on certain forces ranging from separatists to terrorists for a very clear agenda: to break up the country by dismantling it. And it is no coincidence that the oligarchs currently imprisoned have allied themselves with occult forces operating abroad that are well paid by these same oligarchs. These two antinational and treacherous forces, some of which have contacted you recently, have the same objective: the oligarchs will not be able to get out of prison and will not be able to play any political role with their allies in the occult forces based abroad if Algeria does not collapse.

Regarding the detainee component, you did not take offense at the fate of journalist Mumia Abu-Jamal who remained on death row for decades, nor for this other journalist who only did his job, namely Julian Assange, who risks being extradited to the United States to be judged there while he is an Australian citizen, nor for those buried alive that are Marouane Barghouti, Leonard Peltier, Ahmad Saadat, George Ibrahim Abdallah, and so many others that I can’t mention here as they are numerous. What did you say or do when Bobby Sand and his comrades died while on hunger strike in the jails of the infamous Margaret Thatcher, great friend of Augusto Pinochet, the assassin of Salvador Allende? Nor were you alarmed to see Ignacio Lula imprisoned under false pretexts to prevent him from being elected president, while President Dilma Rousseff was ignominiously impeached. Nor are you outraged for the Palestinian children imprisoned in the jails of your master Israel and who are subjected to various physical and psychological tortures, including sexual abuse. But, of course, U.S. imperialism and Israel are untouchable. I defy you to tell us whether any of your courts have tried a single American or Israeli official for the crimes against humanity and war crimes that he has committed. And these crimes are well known to all, I have listed some of them above, but the list could go on and on. With you, the victim becomes the tormentor and the tormentor becomes the victim. You have even come to support terrorists including the White Helmets, the Alkarama foundation and the Rachad movement, etc.! Have you murmured against the murders of unionists and social workers in Colombia or Brazil, of journalists killed around the world because they are doing their job? You didn’t make a move because you serve the interests of a plutocracy, an oligarchy that is above all laws and allows itself everything it wants. Rather than the United Nations, you should be called the Organization of the Plutocrats. So, I solemnly say it to you and to your sprawling organizations, those institutions fed by taxpayers’ money such as the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, which has no « human right » other than the name: hands off! Hands off Algeria! You have no legitimacy, neither moral nor political, to give lessons and try to destabilize my beloved homeland by using subterfuges and maneuvers that we know only too well.

After this overview of some of the innumerable crimes that you have supported, let’s talk about your own scandals, which don’t impress me because I know that you are part of the matrix of imperialism, you are even its legal executor. Let’s relate some of your scandals that range from fraud to rape to corruption and kickbacks. Thus, many press organs report the rapes of which thousands of women and children are victims each year by UN collaborators, both civilian and military. With impunity, soldiers or employees of the peacekeeping force exchange food rations for fellatio and even rape young girls and children. Frauds are committed in obtaining contracts for reconstruction in the destroyed countries, with thousands of dollars in kickbacks, and whistleblowers are relentlessly punished for denouncing fraudulent actions, with your organization practicing omerta. Let us remember the scandals linked to the « oil for food » program, at the time when Iraq was under embargo, when some people received barrels of oil for « services rendered ». Let us also remember the cholera scandal in Haiti in 2010 which had been imported by the Nepalese Blue Helmets and which caused more than 2000 deaths. The worst is that you have rejected the compensation claims of victims of the epidemic transmitted by Blue Helmets. Several years ago, I wrote an article on the hidden reports of the WHO, organization under Bill Gates’ thumb, which was read by thousands of people and is still read today. This article dealt with the devastating effects of the US depleted uranium bombings on the health of the Iraqi population and whose reports were censored by your organization the WHO. I will end this chapter by talking about the libations that all your officials and diplomats engage in during the various sessions, some participants being completely drunk. And these are the people who pretend to give lessons to the whole world!

Some personalities have become conscience of humanity and interfere in the Algerian affairs while they know nothing about this country, its history and culture. Let each one take care of his own country and his own people! All of you, as long as you are, you don’t support the Algerian people, you support a hidden agenda! The peoples have no need of you, and I say this as an Algerian citizen who knows some of your organizations that have proven that they are completely indifferent to the fate of the people. These people experience social oppression as a direct result of the domination of the world oligarchy, which has ruined entire civilizations. So, Madam the UN, stop treating us like sub-humans and « untermenschen », stop interfering in our affairs and using false pretexts! Leave us alone! And then, do a great service to all mankind by self-dissolving you and disappearing. The world will be better. Take with you your accomplice the NATO that you serve every time it is engaged in the dirty destructive wars, take along all the useless organizations at the same time, from the African Union to the Arab League and the European Union. All these institutions eat up taxpayers’ money to maintain armies of completely useless bureaucrats. And while I’m at it, I suggest you give up your buildings to the homeless who abound in your « democratic » countries. For example, cede your New York building to the homeless, many of whom being veterans of the imperialist wars and who have been abandoned after having served you as cannon fodder. Offer your headquarters to associations that help the homeless and unemployed who are victims of the neoliberal policies of your imperialist masters.

In any case, hands off Algeria! This country has a long history and obtained its independence at the cost of great sacrifices and centuries of fighting. For your general culture, know that my homeland is the cradle of the First Man. This land is bigger than you. So, go play somewhere else. This cry that is in me resonates with my ancestors. Stop your hypocrisy and your so-called human rights of variable geometry. You want to turn us into refugees and then play the big heart by distributing « humanitarian » aid to us as you do with all the peoples whose countries have been devastated with your green light. Your masters make wars, you close your eyes and you make humanitarian bandages by distributing grains of rice. If something happens to Algeria, you will be responsible! But remember that despite your perfidious maneuvers and the felony you have spread all over the world, of course, you will always find traitors committed to the cause of imperialism and neo-colonialism, but you will also find citizens and patriots who will defend the land of their ancestors.

A word to the wise is enough, Madam the UN!

Mohsen Abdelmoumen

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