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Dr. Gilbert Doctorow D. R.

In the past week, I received a couple of emails from regular visitors to my website asking why some of my articles are now being posted in German as well as in the English original texts.  Allow me to explain what my daily read-out of visitor statistics tells me:  whatever one may say about bilingualism or the linguistic talents of well educated folks, nonetheless people are most drawn to literature in their native language and tend to ignore everything else.

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Hands down on the wealth of the Sahrawi people by the Moroccan Makhzen

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The Makhzen and its accomplices plunder the Sahrawi fish wealth. D.R.

On September 22, 2022, the African Court on Human and Peoples’ Rights dealt a heavy blow to the Moroccan Makhzen by issuing a judgment declaring that Morocco’s occupation of Western Sahara is a violation of the right to self-determination and freedom. independence and that all States have an obligation to help the people of Western Sahara in their struggle for self-determination. “The Respondent States, and indeed all States Parties to the Charter and Protocol, as well as all AU Member States have a responsibility under international law to find a permanent solution to the occupation and to ensure the enjoyment of the inalienable right to self-determination of the Sahrawi people, to do nothing which would recognize such occupation as lawful or which would prevent them from enjoying this right”,

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To Madam the UN

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Michelle Bachelet, United Nations, High Commissioner for Human Rights; 17 September 2020. Credit: UN Photo / Jean Marc Ferré/ Flickr

Dear Madam the UN,

You have been talking a lot about my country, Algeria, for some time now, and I must confess to you that if your opinions have never convinced me, as I know you are so far removed from any notion of justice and equity, I want react when my homeland is affected. And this is what you do with your legendary subjectivity, obeying a purely imperialist and neo-colonialist agenda that aims at nothing more and nothing less than the dismantling of my country. This is how the gesticulations of your « experts » who claim to be « alarmed » by a so-called « oppression » in Algeria prompted me to take up the pen to write you this missive. As usual, when you point your sights at a country, you bring out the great game of « human rights », « democracy » and « freedom of speech », and you allow yourself to give lessons. It’s the same method you’ve been using for ages and, of course, you don’t change a winning team, don’t you? How many countries haven’t they tasted your deadly poison? Your hands are filled with the blood of the peoples massacred by your imperialist masters and whom you have endorsed.

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Dr. Naoufel Brahimi El Mili:“I think that the direction for a new Algeria is taken”

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Dr. Naoufel Brahimi El Mili. DR.

Mohsen Abdelmoumen:  In your very interesting book « Le printemps arabe : une manipulation?” (The Arab Spring: A Manipulation?), you mention both the role of the U.S. administration and Qatar in the uprising. This book is one of the few to address the issue of the Arab Spring. Don’t you think that we are experiencing the consequences of the Arab Spring at the moment with the instability in Libya and Iraq, and the war in Syria and Yemen, and so on?

Dr. Naoufel Brahimi El Mili: The title of my book that was rejected by the publisher was: « No Spring for the Arabs ». As much as the case of Tunisia was a scenario of a spontaneous revolt, as much as the case of Libya was a planned war against Gaddafi. As always, the West does not know how to ensure an « after-sales service » of its untimely interventions in the Arab world, either directly or by putting countries like Qatar in a situation of subcontracting. Since the Arab Spring, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have established themselves as exclusive subcontractors of Western interests. They all agree to exaggerate the Iranian threat in order to give centrality to the oil monarchies. Everyone seems to forget that the Iranians, since Alexander the Great, have not won any wars but they have won all negotiations.

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Maître Nabila Slimi: “Dr. Ghediri makes of his incarceration a purely political reading”

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Nabila Slimi

Maître Nabila Slimi. DR.

Mohsen Abdelmoumen: You are a lawyer and you are a member of the group of lawyers defending Dr. Ali Ghediri, a former candidate for the September 2019 presidential election in Algeria, whom I interviewed in April 2019. Why is Dr. Ghediri in prison? What is he accused of?

Maître Nabila Slimi: Dr. Ghediri has been incarcerated in El Harrach prison since June 13, 2019 on two charges, the first of which is treason and espionage. Indeed, Dr. Ghediri is accused of complicity (with a main defendant who is a certain H.G., former president of a political party) and for having delivered to a foreign power or its agents in any form or by any means whatever, any information, thing, document or process which must be kept secret in the interests of national defense or the national economy. This charge is cited and punished by the death penalty in accordance with article 63 of the Algerian Penal Code. Lire la suite »

The interview I gave to ProMozaik, published on July 5, 2020

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Mohsen Abdelmoumen: « Racism is only the gross expression of filthy ignorance »

By Milena Rampoldi, ProMosaik. In the following my interview with Mohsen Abdelmoumen, a journalist focusing on matters which are very important to me, like Yemen, Western Sahara, Palestine and who also treats matters like human rights, even if this term as he says, is misused, ethics in journalism and the struggle against the discrimination of people because of their ethnic origin and religious orientation. Another important matter in this interview concerns the importance of anti-imperialist views which must not remain unexpressed by engaged journalists. Would like to thank Mohsen very much for his time and precious answers.

Why did you decide to become a journalist?

It’s always difficult to talk about oneself because I grew up and lived in a world where we rarely talk about ourselves. Furthermore, having experienced commitment and activism at a very young age, I have learned that when one becomes politically committed – especially by being on the revolutionary left – to just causes such as social justice, freedom, etc., one is not used to talking about oneself. On the contrary, we give much more than we receive. Concerning the circumstances, I think that to be a journalist, it took a combination of factors, a kind of destiny. I started when I was very young, writing for myself in Arabic and French. My political commitment pushed me into permanent reading, be it books or texts. A friend of mine who is an occupational doctor then suggested to set up a local newspaper with his friends in Béjaïa, Algeria. The project did not come to fruition, yet we had started to set up the administrative process and so on. In the meantime, I was in contact with an Algerian news agency to which I sent dispatches and articles about current events in the city where I was. They were very interested in my work. At that time, we were living through a war against terrorism in which hundreds of thousands of Algerians paid with their lives, and many of the projects I was considering did not succeed.

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Miguel Urbán Crespo: « Workers of the world, unite. This is the last call »

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Miguel Urban Crespo 4

Miguel Urbán Crespo . DR.

Mohsen Abdelmoumen: You called for a Covid tax on high net worth individuals and multinational corporations. Why? Didn’t the Covid-19 crisis show us the failure of the neoliberal model?

Miguel Urbán Crespo: The emergence of Covid was particularly deadly after decades of neo-liberal policies and cuts in public services and health care. The coronavirus has shown us that in centers and countries where more has been invested in health, there are fewer deaths, because, as we already knew, there is no better social shield than the protection of fundamental rights and the collective interest. The right to health has been reduced by neoliberal policies and the cost of this pandemic amounts to hundreds of thousands lives. Lire la suite »