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Prof. Mel Gurtov: « It’s time for a Reset in US-Saudi Relations. »

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Professor Mel Gurtov. DR.

Mohsen Abdelmoumen: You mentioned in one of your articles the non compliance with the War Powers Resolution by successive American presidents. Does the president of the United States decide alone, including in military interventions abroad? Can we still speak of a democracy in the United States when institutions such as the Congress do not weigh in the decision?

Prof. Mel Gurtov: When it comes to major decisions on war and peace, the US practice, regardless of administration, has been that a small circle of presidential advisers, mostly civilians rather than military, make the decisions. This circumstance is probably true everywhere, and certainly does not qualify as democracy. Lire la suite »


Prof. Mel Gurtov : « Il est temps pour une remise à zéro dans les relations américano-saoudiennes ».

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Le Professeur Mel Gurtov. DR

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Mohsen Abdelmoumen : Vous évoquez dans un de vos articles le non respect de la War Powers Resolution par les présidents américains successifs. Le président des États-Unis décide-t-il seul, notamment dans le cadre des interventions militaires à l’étranger ? Peut-on encore parler d’une démocratie aux États-Unis lorsque des institutions comme le Congrès ne pèsent pas dans la décision ?

Prof. Mel Gurtov : Lorsqu’il s’agit des décisions majeures sur la guerre et la paix, la pratique des États-Unis, indépendamment de l’administration, consiste en ce qu’un petit cercle de conseillers personnels du Président, surtout des civils plutôt que des militaires, prennent les décisions. Cette condition est probablement vraie partout et ne peut certainement pas être considérée comme de la démocratie. Lire la suite »

Jeffrey Blankfort: « The main beneficiary from the disintegration of Iraq and Syria and the emergence of ISIS has been Israel ».

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Jeff Blankfort

Jeffrey Blankfort. DR.

Mohsen Abdelmoumen: What is the real weight of the Zionist organizations, such as the AIPAC and the ADL in the American political life?

Jeffrey Blankfort: It is both considerable and immeasurable and their influence can be felt, if not seen, in every critical sector of American society.  AIPAC and the ADL are only the most well known among a web of powerful political organizations that function on Israel’s behalf  and effectively set the parameters for US Middle East policy although for most of its sixty plus years AIPAC has preferred to limit its public profile to the political class and those who fund it.  There is no lobbying group or combination of groups in the United States or elsewhere that begin to compare with the Zionist network in terms of sheer political power at every level of government, including the courts. Lire la suite »

Interview of William Hanna “Overcoming the Zionist ogre will come at great cost to humanity”

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Hiramic brotherhood


Mohsen Abdelmoumen:  What do you think about the cooling of relations between United States and Israel on background of nuclear power agreement with Iran?

William Hanna: The apparent current cooling of relations between the U.S. and Israel over a nuclear power agreement with Iran is simply a meaningless political pantomime resulting from President Obama’s irritation with Netanyahu’s affront in addressing the joint session of Congress despite Obama’s challenge to the propriety of such a visit. It should be remembered that Netanyahu’s tactic of crying wolf over Iran’s nuclear weapons is nothing new and that in 1996, he addressed a joint session of Congress to ominously warn that “If Iran were to acquire nuclear weapons, this could presage catastrophic consequences, not only for my country, and not only for the Middle East, but for all mankind… the deadline for attaining this goal is getting extremely close.” Lire la suite »