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Dr. David Schultz:“The US has a long history of racism”

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Dr. David Schultz. DR.

Mohsen Abdelmoumen:  Your remarkable work has resulted in an uncompromising statement in your book ”American Politics in the Age of Ignorance”. How do you explain the fact that States and policymakers reproduce the same policies that have failed?

Dr. David Schultz: There are several reasons.  One of them is really the issue of limited knowledge and time where policy makers are looking for solutions to common problems and they are prone to looking elsewhere for answers or possible solutions.  Thus, the concept of diffusion of policy ideas from one jurisdiction to another explains it.  Yet there are also other factors.  The role of lobbyists and special interests pushing a policy agenda, equipped with the power of money to enable policy agendas.  One can also point to the failure to really engage in fact-based or evidence-based policy to drive decision making.

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