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Stephen Lendman: “Obama is a war criminal multiple times over. He’s a serial liar and moral coward”

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stevelendmanStephen Lendman. DR

Mohsen Abdelmoumen: How do you explain the American policy which consists in having a dialogue with Iran to reach an agreement on Iranian nuclear power, and operate a strategic change in its relations with Cuba, while on the other hand, the Obama administration persists in its policy of sanctions against Venezuela and Russia, and does not hesitate to decree that Venezuela constitutes a threat for the internal security of the United States?

Stephen Lendman: US dialogue with Cuba and Iran is very suspect in my judgment. Longstanding US policy calls for unchallenged global dominance. It wants pro-Western regimes replacing all independent governments. It wants regime change in Cuba and Iran. What’ll come from talks with both countries remains to be seen. At the same time, Russia and Venezuela face overt US hostility. America could end up at war with either or both countries. Nuclear war is possible. Lunatics in Washington make anything possible. Lire la suite »

The Islamist State, by William Blum

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You can’t believe a word the United States or its mainstream media say about the current conflict involving The Islamic State (ISIS).

You can’t believe a word France or the United Kingdom say about ISIS.

You can’t believe a word Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Jordan, or the United Arab Emirates say about ISIS. Can you say for sure which side of the conflict any of these mideast countries actually finances, arms, or trains, if in fact it’s only one side? Why do they allow their angry young men to join Islamic extremists? Why has NATO-member Turkey allowed so many Islamic extremists to cross into Syria? Is Turkey more concerned with wiping out the Islamic State or the Kurds under siege by ISIS? Are these countries, or the Western powers, more concerned with overthrowing ISIS or overthrowing the Syrian government of Bashar al-Assad? Lire la suite »

L’hypocrisie des Occidentaux face à l’Etat Islamique (ISIS)

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ISIS paradant dans les rues de La Haye. D.R.

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Ainsi l’Otan s’est réunie au pays de Galles pour traiter le cas d’ISIS et mettre la pression sur la Russie, alors que plus personne sur cette planète n’ignore que l’Etat Islamique au Moyen Orient et le chaos ukrainien sont des créations américano-sionistes. Ils ont beau nous agiter les têtes coupées de leurs « journalistes » sous le nez, il faut être complètement abruti pour croire à cette mascarade. D’ailleurs, ces piètres mises-en-scène hollywoodiennes du type « massacre à la tronçonneuse » arrivent bien à propos pour justifier une intervention, n’est-ce pas ? Il faudra que l’on nous explique comment on peut décapiter et donc trancher une artère sans entraîner une effusion de sang, et d’autre part, nous dire ce qu’un agent de la CIA et un autre du Mossad déguisés en journalistes fabriquaient dans cette région. Lire la suite »

The ISIS (the Islamic State) map of the world

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carte conquêtes EIIL (ISIS)
The new caliphate: a map purportedly showing the areas ISIS plans to have under its control within five years has been widely shared online. As well as the Middle East, North Africa and large areas of Asia, it also reveals ISIS’ ambition to extend into Europe. Spain, which was Muslim-ruled until the late 15th Century, would form part of the caliphate, as would the Balkan states and eastern Europe, up to and including Austria.