Mike Ferner: “It is a function of our lack of democracy that the U.S. foreign policy is so militaristic and destructive.”

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Mike Ferner. DR

Mohsen Abdelmoumen: In your opinion, is the United States of America a true democracy or is it a plutocratic regime?

Mike Ferner: The U.S. was never intended to be a true democracy. 

First of all, it is a republic, meaning elected representatives, not people directly,institute the laws.  This was modified somewhat when some states instituted initiative and referendum laws, allowing citizens to put proposed legislation directly to the voters by getting large numbers of signatures on petitions. Lire la suite »

John Bellamy Foster: « The only force that can combat imperialism today is a worldwide struggle of workers »

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Pr. John Bellamy Foster. DR.

Mohsen Abdelmoumen: Can we consider you a modern Marxist?

John Bellamy Foster: What is meant by “modern” nowadays is always a complex topic, but setting that aside I would answer Yes, in the concrete sense that I am a engaged in the development of historical materialism in the present and see my analysis as part of a broad revolutionary intellectual heritage and scientific tradition going back to Marx. I am particularly concerned with the reunification of Marxism in theory and practice, transcending the Cold War divisions, which split apart Marxism as well, and building on the classical historical materialist tradition. Lire la suite »

Henry A. Giroux: « Political Frauds and the Ghost of Totalitarianism »

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In the current historical moment in the United States, the emptying out of language is nourished by the assault on the civic imagination. One example of this can be found in the rise of Donald Trump on the political scene. Trump’s popular appeal speaks to not just the boldness of what he says and the shock it provokes, but the inability to respond to shock with informed judgment rather than titillation. Marie Luise Knott is right in noting, « We live our lives with the help of the concepts we form of the world. They enable an author to make the transition from shock to observation to finally creating space for action – for writing and speaking. Just as laws guarantee a public space for political action, conceptual thought ensures the existence of the four walls within which judgment operates. » (1) The concepts that now guide our understanding of US society are dominated by a corporate-induced linguistic and authoritarian model that brings ruin to language, politics and democracy itself. Lire la suite »

Norman Solomon: «Aucun dirigeant n’a sapé le droit autant qu’Obama»

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Norman Solomon : «Nous devons défier la puissance destructrice de l’état de guerre.» D.R.

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Mohsen Abdelmoumen : En tant que militant anti-guerre et auteur, pensez-vous que la politique des Etats-Unis consiste essentiellement à provoquer des guerres dans le monde dans le seul but de protéger leurs intérêts stratégiques ?

Norman Solomon:

Beaucoup de facteurs ont contribué à la forte tendance du gouvernement américain de s’engager dans la guerre. L’arrogance du pouvoir s’est combinée avec l’énorme puissance militaire et économique des Etats-Unis pour propulser un effort continu de dominer en termes géopolitiques. En définissant «des intérêts stratégiques» de façon très large, de hauts responsables à Washington ont été à la recherche d’ennemis, en les créant souvent en cours de route. Lire la suite »