Dr. Charles McKelvey: « Venezuela is a threat to the neocolonial world-system »

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Dr. Charles McKelvey. DR.

Mohsen Abdelmoumen:  You have written a very relevant and important book to understand the Cuban Revolution: The Evolution and Significance of the Cuban Revolution. In the light of your book, can we say that the Cuban revolution was very important for the emancipation not only of the Cuban people but of all the peoples of Latin America?

Dr. Charles McKelvey: I consider the Cuban Revolution to be a paradigmatic Third World Revolution.  It has the dual character that essentially has defined Third World movements and revolutions: (1) an anti-colonial/neocolonial revolution that seeks the liberation of the nation from foreign imperialist domination, and (2) a revolution of social liberation, seeking the transformation of capitalist economic-political-cultural institutions.  Lire la suite »


Prof. Patrick Bond: « Obsolete economic ideas and personal corruption are closely linked in Africa »

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Patrick_Bond_d9e7bProf. Patrick Bond. DR. *

Mohsen Abdelmoumen: The G20 will take place soon in Hamburg, in Germany. In your opinion, what will be the strategic issues of this meeting?

Prof. Patrick Bond: There are three areas of extreme danger that we would expect the G20 to address, if they are indeed claiming to be the world’s elite managers of human welfare: geopolitics, economics and environment. They won’t solve the crises brewing in these areas, naturally – because they remain constipated as a group of leaders, lacking the needed tools and ideology to successfully confront and defeat these extreme threats. Lire la suite »

Andre Vltchek : « The Christian dogmas caused terrible damages ».

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Andre Vltchek together with the big American linguist Noam Chomsky D.R.

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Mohsen Abdelmoumen: You recently sent an open letter to your friend, president Maduro, made public in the press, where you mention the necessity of taking weapons if needed to fight the western plan which aims at a recolonization of the world. Do you believe in the need for global resistance to imperialism and neocolonialism who intensify their aggression ?

Andre Vltchek : Imperialism never disappears; it never leaves peacefully, voluntarily. For all those long centuries, people had to fight for their freedom, for true independence. They had to struggle. Lire la suite »

Andre Vltchek : «Les dogmes chrétiens ont causé de terribles dommages»

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Andre Vltchek en compagnie du grand linguiste américain Noam Chomsky. D.R.

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Mohsen Abdelmoumen : Vous avez récemment envoyé une lettre ouverte à votre ami le président Nicolas Maduro, rendue publique dans la presse, où vous mentionnez la nécessité de prendre les armes si nécessaire pour combattre le plan occidental qui vise à recoloniser le monde. Croyez-vous en la nécessité d’une résistance globale à l’impérialisme et au néo-colonialisme qui intensifient leur agression ?

Andre Vltchek : L’impérialisme ne disparaît jamais volontairement et il ne laisse jamais en paix. Tout au long de ces siècles, les gens ont dû lutter pour leur liberté et pour une véritable indépendance. Ils ont dû se battre. Lire la suite »