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Gordon M. Hahn: « The West has been reckless with Vladimir Putin »

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At the G7 meeting. D.R.

Mohsen Abdelmoumen: You are an expert in geostrategy, what is your view on the current conflict in Ukraine?

Gordon M. Hahn: The war in Ukraine is best called the Russian-NATO Ukrainian war. It is a war over whether or not NATO will be allowed to expand to Ukraine and elsewhere along Russia’s borders, but mostly over Ukraine’s potential membership in NATO. NATO expansion drove democracy-promotion efforts in Ukraine and elsewhere, the 2004 Orange Revolution, and the February 2014 Maidan overthrow of the Yanukovych government. For Russian national security, Ukraine is Geostrategically pivotal. If there is a hostile regime in Kiev backed by the West militarily, then Russia has no virtually no national security other than the resort to nuclear weapons. Western military assistance makes Ukraine a de facto NATO member on Russia’s border and emboldens Kiev to favor a military solution over a negotiated one to the Donbass conflict it started as well as to seek a return of Crimea. The widespread Western belief that Putin is politically weak and Russians are bursting to establish a democratic republic and free market economy (things the West itself is abandoning gradually in favor of the Great Reset, Wokism, and AI) led to a lack of caution in dealing with Putin, thinking he would balk at a war or be overthrown if he started one. This is precisely the situation with which the West confronted Russia no later than the Maidan coup and certainly by January 2022; hence, Putin’s decision to invade.

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Daniel Kovalik: “World War III has begun”

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The American lawyer and peace activist Daniel Kovalik D.R.

The American lawyer and peace activist visited Donetsk where, he says in this interview, the Ukrainian army bombed a school, a football stadium and a monastery, without the Western media reporting these war crimes. The author of the book « The Plot To Overthrow Venezuela, How The US Is Orchestrating a Coup for Oil » reveals that the US military is directly involved in the war in Ukraine. Interview.

Mohsen Abdelmoumen: You are in Russia at the moment and you are following the conflict in Ukraine. Can you give us an update on the situation in the field?

Daniel Kovalik: I was in Donetsk and can say that the situation there is very stable. While there was some shelling by Ukraine into this area upon civilian targets (e.g., a school, soccer stadium, a monastery), life is now slowly returning to some state of normalcy subsequent to the referendum in September in which voters chose to become a part of the Russian Federation. Russia is engaged in the construction and reconstruction of housing, hospitals, parks and other infrastructure, and people are going about their daily lives.

You assert that there are American troops engaged on the ground in Ukraine. How do you explain this engagement of American troops? Don’t you think this is a serious precedent?

This is a very grave situation indeed. While the Biden Administration claims that these troops are not involved in actual combat, the presence of these troops and their aid to the Ukraine military in training, advising and targeting underscores that this conflict is one between NATO and Russia. In short, this is a signal that World War III has begun, and a greater conflagration has now become very possible.

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The Canadian journalist Matthew Ehret: « The UN is corrupt »

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Matthew Ehret D.R.

Mohsen Abdelmoumen: Your work shows well that, apart few exceptions such as Lincoln, Roosevelt, Kennedy and Trump, all the American Presidents after Andrew Jackson have always been members of the Anglo-American elite or under its control, including Obama and Biden.  What are the factors explaining that this oligarchy has kept this level influence in the United States despite the Independence War and during more than 200 years?

Matthew Ehret: The answer has an objective and subjective side to it. On the subjective side, one can point to the pervasiveness of false myths that have been spun which enflamed certain prejudices within the young American zeitgeist. The early Americans were originally British citizens who led a civil war of sorts from the British Empire between 1776-1783 and the success of that struggle resulted in a new sort of human identity that had never been expressed on this scale or magnitude in human history.

It was a well-earned sense of pride that was won by hard sacrifices. A high value was placed on freedom, and independence. Probably the most important consideration was that humans were believed to have been created equal, due to our having been made in the image of God and from this conception, hereditary institutions were recognized as obsolete.

This was all wonderful, but this powerful sense of pride, if corrupted, served as a double-edged sword which turned into a superiority complex that proclaimed the USA to be “the exceptional nation”, rather than the healthier “city on a hill” philosophy expressed by John Winthrop Jr who envisioned the Americans to become a role model of moral excellence to inspire the world.

The second false myth which ‘poisoned the zeitgeist’ was tied to the myth of “American individualism”. The idea that each individual citizen is sovereign rather than one single ruler on a crown is another excellent idea, but again, like all truthful ideas, if perverted, can become quite destructive.

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Gilbert Doctorow: “The West is run by corrupt cowards!”

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Dr. Gilbert Doctorow lays bare the decay of Western powers. D.R.

Gilbert Doctorow holds a doctorate in history from Columbia University. In this interview, the academician, established in Belgium, reveals the true face of American and European political leaders whom he describes as « cowards », « corrupt » and « incompetent ». He dissects the war in Ukraine, explains the interference of the United States in the affairs of third countries, including Algeria, gives the causes of the servility of the European Union towards Washington and points out the « massive and omnipresent » self-censorship which makes the Western press « docile ».

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Réponse aux sénateurs et représentants américains à la solde du Makhzen

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Nancy Pelosi fait partie du gang des huit. D. R.

Depuis quelques jours, les canards marocains se font les gorges chaudes du fait qu’une poignée de députés étatsuniens, 27 sur 435, tant républicains que démocrates et tous soudoyés par l’AIPAC et par le Makhzen, à la tête desquels figure la représentante républicaine néoconservatrice Lisa McClain, ont signé une lettre destinée à Antony Blinken lui demandant d’appliquer des sanctions à l’égard de l’Algérie en raison de ses achats d’armes à la Russie, arguant que ces achats aident à financer le gouvernement russe et sa machine de guerre. La fameuse lettre, sur le site de Lisa McClain, est datée du 29 septembre et comporte une accusation très grave : « Il n’y a pas d’édulcoration, les relations croissantes de l’Algérie avec la Russie constituent une menace pour toutes les nations du monde » : https://mcclain.house.gov/press-releases?ID=86A55993-9A60-4129-ACDC-5D34154A07EA

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Dr. H. Bruce Franklin: “Ever since World War II, the U.S. has assumed more and more of the hallmarks of a fascist state”

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Dr. H. Bruce Franklin. DR.

Mohsen Abdelmoumen: Your book « Crash course: From the Good War to the Forever War » is an essential book for anyone who is interested in U.S. history. The U.S. has waged imperialist wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and other places. In your opinion, why the United States needs to go to war? Behind all these wars, one evokes the weight of the military-industrial complex in the United States. What is its influence in political decision-making?

Dr. H. Bruce Franklin: The U.S. has indeed been waging imperialist war after war ever since the end of World War II.  None of these wars has been necessary.  As I document in Crash Course, Washington unilaterally divided the nation of Korea into two nations three days before Japan surrendered on August 14, 1945, thus making the Korean War inevitable, and eight days later Washington agreed to full partnership in the French war to recolonize Vietnam.  The enormous productive power of American industry had to go somewhere after satisfying consumer needs unmet during the war.  Instead of becoming our monstrous military-industrial complex, it could have eliminated poverty, created a near utopia for health care, education, the environment, culture, and ample leisure for everyone.  But the class running the society thought that this would be socialism and the end of capitalism.  

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Dr. David Schultz:“The US has a long history of racism”

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Dr. David Schultz. DR.

Mohsen Abdelmoumen:  Your remarkable work has resulted in an uncompromising statement in your book ”American Politics in the Age of Ignorance”. How do you explain the fact that States and policymakers reproduce the same policies that have failed?

Dr. David Schultz: There are several reasons.  One of them is really the issue of limited knowledge and time where policy makers are looking for solutions to common problems and they are prone to looking elsewhere for answers or possible solutions.  Thus, the concept of diffusion of policy ideas from one jurisdiction to another explains it.  Yet there are also other factors.  The role of lobbyists and special interests pushing a policy agenda, equipped with the power of money to enable policy agendas.  One can also point to the failure to really engage in fact-based or evidence-based policy to drive decision making.

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