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Ambassador of Venezuela to the Kingdom of Belgium, Luxembourg and the European Union: “For 18 years, we are showing to the world that another model is possible”

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Madam Claudia Salerno Caldera and Mohsen Abdelmoumen. DR.

Mohsen Abdelmoumen: What’s going on in Venezuela?

H.E. Ambassador of Venezuela in Brussels, Madam Claudia Salerno Caldera: This year was very special and complex. Some opposition parties have taken an anti-democratic path and have resorted to violent street protests and demonstrations of force against public order for several months, attacks against the security forces and acts of sabotage of certain public services like most of the main transit routes of the population. These demonstrations affected several cities. So, for about four months, the country was very affected by these protests, which were ordered, coordinated, and financed by a radical sector of the Venezuelan opposition. Lire la suite »