A great man has passed away

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Edward S. Herman

The late Professor Edward S. Herman. DR

In tribute to our friend Edward S. Herman who has just died, I republish the interview he had given me:

Professor Edward S. Herman : « The crimes of the United States are never called genocides in West »

Mohsen Abdelmoumen : Algeria, my country, was always for a politics of not intervention in the internal affairs of States. What’s your position about the Syrian’s crisis ?

Edward S. Herman : This is a case of a civil war made into a proxy war of intervention  by numerous foreign powers, led by the United States . Saudi Arabia , Israel , Al Qaeda and Russia. Russia ’s is the most defensible intervention as it  is largely defending a long-standing ally that is Russia ’s only real friend in the Mediterranean area. The other intervenors are trying to overthrow the government, replace it with a friendly puppet, or destroy it as a viable state that would no longer be a serious rival to Israel . It is a terrible situation for Syrians and the world, with international law in shreds (especially the law against aggression, the heart of the UN charter) and a people being destroyed. Lire la suite »


Dr. Tewfik Hamel: “Terrorism risks to become unmanageable in the near future” (Part 2)

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Dr. Tewfik Hamel

Mohsen Abdelmoumen: Do you think that Algeria remains a major regional player and with what means of pressure will Algeria be able to weigh in the Sahel region? Does the internal crisis of governance not affect the regional role that Algeria can claim?

Dr. Tewfik Hamel: In the 1990s, the priority objective of Algerian diplomacy was to avoid the isolation of the country; ensure that major capitals accept the cessation of the electoral process of 26 December 1991. After a decade of extraordinary upheavals, and despite the continuing violence, Algeria is showing signs of recovery and assertiveness on the international scene. The rediscovery of the country’s traditional foreign policy activism is likely to have important implications for North Africa and the Mediterranean region. Lire la suite »

Ken O’Keefe: « The West is the biggest terrorist of this planet »

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Debate between the former militant US Marine Ken O’Keefe  and Lawrence Korb collaborator at the Center for American Progress, published in August 2013 by Press TV.

One year later, the words of Ken O’Keefe are still valid…

Look at what the butchers ISIS, the agents of the West, do in Iraq

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The western hypocrisy : after massacring the Syrian people, with the support of the Westerners and their allies Saudi, Qatari, Turkish, training by the CIA, MI6, Mossad, DGSE, etc. here is what ISIS, the friends of the West, do in Iraq

Andre Vltchek : « The Christian dogmas caused terrible damages ».

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Andre Vltchek together with the big American linguist Noam Chomsky D.R.

Version française sur Oximity : https://www.oximity.com/article/Andre-Vltchek-Les-dogmes-chrétien-1

Mohsen Abdelmoumen: You recently sent an open letter to your friend, president Maduro, made public in the press, where you mention the necessity of taking weapons if needed to fight the western plan which aims at a recolonization of the world. Do you believe in the need for global resistance to imperialism and neocolonialism who intensify their aggression ?

Andre Vltchek : Imperialism never disappears; it never leaves peacefully, voluntarily. For all those long centuries, people had to fight for their freedom, for true independence. They had to struggle. Lire la suite »

Andre Vltchek : «Les dogmes chrétiens ont causé de terribles dommages»

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Andre Vltchek en compagnie du grand linguiste américain Noam Chomsky. D.R.

English version in Oximity: https://www.oximity.com/article/Andre-Vltchek-The-Christian-dogmas-cau-1

Mohsen Abdelmoumen : Vous avez récemment envoyé une lettre ouverte à votre ami le président Nicolas Maduro, rendue publique dans la presse, où vous mentionnez la nécessité de prendre les armes si nécessaire pour combattre le plan occidental qui vise à recoloniser le monde. Croyez-vous en la nécessité d’une résistance globale à l’impérialisme et au néo-colonialisme qui intensifient leur agression ?

Andre Vltchek : L’impérialisme ne disparaît jamais volontairement et il ne laisse jamais en paix. Tout au long de ces siècles, les gens ont dû lutter pour leur liberté et pour une véritable indépendance. Ils ont dû se battre. Lire la suite »

Nicolas Bárdos-Féltoronyi : «C’est l’ONG Otpor qui déstabilise l’Ukraine»

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L'activiste sioniste français Bernard-Henri Lévy à Kiev. D. R.

L’activiste sioniste français Bernard-Henri Lévy à Kiev. D.R.

Mohsen Abdelmoumen : en tant que géopolitologue, pourriez-vous nous donner des éléments de compréhension des enjeux concernant ce qu’il se passe actuellement en Ukraine ?

Nicolas Bárdos-Féltoronyi Miklós : Ce conflit peut être appréhendé en faisant la distinction entre la facette intérieure et la facette extérieure. La facette intérieure concerne ce qui s’y est passé, car la majorité des gens ont été informés plus ou moins bien et n’ont eu à leur disposition que des images des manifestations qui se sont déroulées. Mais il faut quand même analyser plus profondément pour bien comprendre ces phénomènes. Lire la suite »