Immersion in the press of the big food in Algeria

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state of the press. D.R.

Unlike some newspapers, including one that has censored us and which we separated, my Belgian wife and I, because of practice worthy of the era of the Inquisition, we are not sermonizers. However, we have to admit that Algeriepatriotique usurped the patriotic word to Mustapha Benboulaïd, who had sold his properties for the cause of the national liberation, and this site in which we are committed by love of country, now represents for us a failure and great disappointment.It is not for us to lament what is not any more, on the contrary, what occurred had the merit of putting the record straight by showing us to whom we were dealing. I have not only been subjected to abject censorship, but our shared commitment has resulted in difficult trials in our daily life, with, including an assassination attempt, a search of our home by police and very restrictive various administrative pressures, while we had no contract with the newspaper and that we financed our work of our own pocket. Managers of Algeriepatriotique dared to remove one of my articles in the A of newspaper without even bothering to notify me, but this unspeakable act proves to me that my writings have reached their target. In view of this unfortunate experience, similar to what we had known in advance with La Nouvelle République, whose editor used us to be able to settle in Europe (we have all the e-mails exchanged for evidence), in both cases, the need to write this article requires us to discuss the situation in which it exercises journalism in Algeria, because these petty and opportunistic practices of clan’s newspapers reflect the situation of the press in general. Our journey in these newspapers allows us to discuss the situation of Algerian journalist embroiled in a press practising sycophancy towards his masters, and whose fate is no different from that of a prostitute that pimps place on a sidewalk in the morning to come and collect the recipe at the end of the day. We think of journalists in various editorials that must suffer martyrdom working under the boot of these little leaders supposedly virtuous who, while giving lessons all day long to the political power and to the whole planet, wade themselves through a characterized corruption.

Press bosses, often stemming from ranks of the journalists or from the planet Nowhere, create a newspaper or a television channel, receive phenomenal amounts of public money in the form of advertising, what makes them dependent on the State, recruit some unfortunate trainees « Mom, you’ve seen me on TV? » who are convinced of doing journalism, and turn miraculously into billionaires stuffed with money while lunching with careerists who violate and pollute our country. World champions of ubiquity, these people have formed a full social class without needing political label, because nothing matters to them, neither left nor right, their only party were the one some cash. They remunerate badly – when they pay! – their employees, do not always declare them, and collect abandoned crumbs for them on tables 5 stars hotels. As in a Sergio Leone western, we see evolve thugs who fight for the loot, giving us a remake made ​​in Algeria of a famous film under the title “The bandit, the villain and the scoundrel”. And these flunkeys dare say they do journalism?

The Algerian press has abandoned the investigation, work background, the debate of ideas and positions itself at odds with models of journalism as Jack London or Ernest Hemingway, while names representing predation and for which the Grail is the sharing of dirty money throw us dust in the eyes. Oil wealth which should have benefited all the Algerian people became a real curse for our homeland, because when Algerians living in extreme poverty, when pupils are walking miles in all weathers to get in poorly heated schools, when whole families are unable to make ends meet, when children live under tarps in the middle of winter, « journalism » has become a weapon in the hands of the Sultan of day and the potentates of moment. Classes were introduced in Algeria, the children of the well-to-do are pampered and live comfortably while the majority of the people live in a disastrous social situation. Are the children of the rich better than those of the people? How not to be outraged at this disaster? Although voices allowed or not will rise to say that everyone knows about this problem and I push open doors. I answer them: « What did you do to prevent it?”. All are responsible: the political system in general, the press vassal and prostitute, democratic alibi which this regime shows outside, while we all know that there is no freedom of expression in our country. And there is not democracy, just a political regime of the most corrupted to the world, adulterated to the core, surrounded by a cohort of courtiers satellites pecking in his hand.

In my case, I want to inform my readers that I refused any compromise by personal aversion to any wrongdoing, and this is why I left the newspaper Algeriepatriotique who sold his soul to the devil, like most, sharing the cake with people of the seraglio and elected representatives, this « jet set » which sank Algeria. As patriot, I worked to radiate Algeria of martyrs and carry her voice across the world but, unfortunately, this is not possible with a distorted press. My approach has always been devoid of any interest, I was volunteer and enthusiastic, I contacted quality speakers for my various interviews, but this newspaper has betrayed my trust at the same time as that of all Algerians. I kept all the emails and exchanges with these rotten who claiming denounce corruption, and I can produce them at any time. They removed all my articles and those of my wife, erasing our tracks, and I express the wish to wake up one morning to find the disappearance, as a censored page, of all this scum. So I severed all ties with the traitors who have exploited us, and I continue my work of investigation and interviews in other places, in other newspapers which cover an international readership and which requested me, with serious, clean and honest people whose vision of journalism is the opposite of that which prevails in Algeria. But I want that the Algerian people know that gangrene of dirty money and immorality has spread and perverted everything, and the Algeriepatriotique readers, newspapers or other media, must know that these organs have other project no than to share the cake by bleeding Algeria. I will continue my struggle with the global resistance through other sites which I am proud to join to fight the enemies of my country, inside and outside, as well as the Zionists and the devastating imperialism. Our universal resistance is not impressed by a lousy shack! “Dar mouh, koul wou rouh”!

The comprador bourgeoisie, now in control of Algeria, has completely flattened the middle class and allowed the emergence of nouveaux riches in record time, in purely tactical concern to blend into the crowd of beggara to better conceal. Supreme subterfuge of the neo-colonialism! I have a dream: I dream to see all those who bled my homeland disappear, carried away in the meanders of their filth. Leave in peace this country! That they clear from the horizon of our bullied youth, in which they removed all hope of freedom, a youth which vomits their reign and which prefers to be devoured by fishes rather than to live under their vile yoke! “Roma wala ntouma”, say these young people looking for a ray of light in the cities of Michelangelo and Van Gogh. But how could they hear these voices, those who shut up themselves in their ivory towers, these autistics of royal court and harem of servile hacks writers and mercenaries? What do they have to make of this youth who immolates themselves by despair? That springs up from their ashes the anger that carry cowardly servants of France and the Zionists, the dirty breed spat by the sum of all the treachery, and born social justice! We do not want more of these monsters who swapped the oath of our martyrs for a life of woodlouse. Money laundering became legal in Algeria as well as theft, plunder and rape of the Constitution and laws, by a horde of thugs who have all agreed to the sacking of our country, even if it means seeing it dismembered! Words are often too weak to describe the troubles we suffer, but we all know in the depths of ourselves that the vermin gnaws every day the body of our homeland in total disregard of annuitants. I shall always wear with abnegation the breath of our martyrs, who gave their life for an idea, that of a just, democratic and social Algeria, and whose memory has been flouted to favor a President nailed in a wheelchair that nobody wants to curb, while his wheelchair with brake. The Algerian people, who has no voice, lives under a regime of beggara lawless, able to sell father and mother to preserve their privileges. That these criminals be all cursed!

This call is intended to be spread worldwide in French and English. No one should ignore the dire situation of our country, looted by gangsters with the complicity of a venal press, because money and clan manipulation are the real poison of dying Algerian press. Everyone must know that in Algeria, we jail caricaturists, we closed a TV channel in the middle of an election campaign, and journalists are intimidated because a weak regime fears the pencil and the pen. Algeria is the property of nobody: “machi razk babakom!” Newspapers that have allowed me to see from the inside what the reality of the press in Algeria, La Nouvelle République or Algeriepatriotique, are only the relay of all which is damaged in Algeria. As for my name, Abdelmoumen, which was carried with bravery and honor by my ancestors, are not servants and hmir that can erase! I defended my country despite all the dangers and I still oppose the servants and traitors of the nation. The sense of sacrifice and duty that eludes them is the only weapon of patriots, but it will constantly point at the usurpers. I regret none of my articles that demonstrate all that my clan to me, it is Algeria, and I abandon the cowardly lackeys to their clan misery which made the country in shambles.

To the Algerian journalists, I tell them: Free yourself of these tyrants and free your voices. In the end, we are going all to die, so try to go leaving behind a reputation of dignity and honor.

At this rotten regime: Stop your lies and your looting before it is too late. Remember that shrouds have no pockets and you’ll end up in a dark grave where you will be alone forever face your shameful acts.

To these press owners stuffed with royal shrimps: You are slave drivers of another time. You forgot that you were seedy and even if you swallow the whole earth, you will never be satisfied, because you are beggara obsessed filling the belly.

My pen will pursue each of you and will lay bare you. Know, gang of thieves and looters, traitors of the nation, my Western wife, whose grandfather member of the Resistance against the Nazis was shot for his ideas, as mine which was tortured and massacred by the French paratroops, she who liked Algeria and served its best interests – contrary to you and to your junk bosses who will fall sooner or later, because the contempt and the injustice to the people always are costly – my wife, thus, is more patriotic than you all gathered, subdued slaves of France of fafa, fucking boors ! History is made by the martyrs, by the men who follow an ideal and not by asses and hirelings!

Finally, I challenge you all to refute my comments in front of the Algerian people, because I know the ascent of the majority of you and I know that the word « honor » is totally foreign to you, like this corrupt and dying regime, laughingstock of the world. The lackey will remain a lackey and the free man will never haggle over one ounce of his freedom. Ideas are like birds colorful, you can shoot them, but you can never prevent them from taking flight. The struggle continues!

Mohsen Abdelmoumen