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The Canadian journalist Matthew Ehret: « The UN is corrupt »

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Matthew Ehret D.R.

Mohsen Abdelmoumen: Your work shows well that, apart few exceptions such as Lincoln, Roosevelt, Kennedy and Trump, all the American Presidents after Andrew Jackson have always been members of the Anglo-American elite or under its control, including Obama and Biden.  What are the factors explaining that this oligarchy has kept this level influence in the United States despite the Independence War and during more than 200 years?

Matthew Ehret: The answer has an objective and subjective side to it. On the subjective side, one can point to the pervasiveness of false myths that have been spun which enflamed certain prejudices within the young American zeitgeist. The early Americans were originally British citizens who led a civil war of sorts from the British Empire between 1776-1783 and the success of that struggle resulted in a new sort of human identity that had never been expressed on this scale or magnitude in human history.

It was a well-earned sense of pride that was won by hard sacrifices. A high value was placed on freedom, and independence. Probably the most important consideration was that humans were believed to have been created equal, due to our having been made in the image of God and from this conception, hereditary institutions were recognized as obsolete.

This was all wonderful, but this powerful sense of pride, if corrupted, served as a double-edged sword which turned into a superiority complex that proclaimed the USA to be “the exceptional nation”, rather than the healthier “city on a hill” philosophy expressed by John Winthrop Jr who envisioned the Americans to become a role model of moral excellence to inspire the world.

The second false myth which ‘poisoned the zeitgeist’ was tied to the myth of “American individualism”. The idea that each individual citizen is sovereign rather than one single ruler on a crown is another excellent idea, but again, like all truthful ideas, if perverted, can become quite destructive.

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Michael Hudson : « The IMF is a political arm of the U.S. military »

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Prof. Michael Hudson D.R.

Mohsen Abdelmoumen: Your analysis of Mesopotamian times and the wise rule of Emperors embodied by the practice of the Jubilee (compared to the predation of oligarchies) resonate with the Islamic economic theory which forbids riba (meaning usure) and impose that banks and creditors share the risk of investment or debt. It seems also something deeply rooted in our Arabic and North African traditions of equality and justice where it is socially unacceptable to leave part of the community in dire poverty. As an anthropologist, have you related the success or failure of modern finance to anthropological factors like the structures of the rural families, theories developed by some like Emmanuel Todd?

Prof. Michael Hudson: I have written a long article on Ibn Khaldun, which I think is to be published in the French periodical MAUSS, focusing on his idea of mutual aid, and on the 18th-century Scottish Enlightenment developed this view as it passed to Western Europe.

Echoing Aristotle’s concept of man as a “political animal” (zoon politikon), Ibn Khaldun’s Prefatory Discussion stated that “Man needs food to subsist,” but that the power of the individual human being is not sufficient for him to obtain (the food) he needs … Thus, he cannot do without a combination of many powers from among his fellow beings, if he is to obtain food for himself and for them. Through co-operation, the needs of a number of persona, many times greater than their own (number), can be satisfied.[1]

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Psst! Pass the word along in Algeria… and in French

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Dr. Gilbert Doctorow D. R.

In the past week, I received a couple of emails from regular visitors to my website asking why some of my articles are now being posted in German as well as in the English original texts.  Allow me to explain what my daily read-out of visitor statistics tells me:  whatever one may say about bilingualism or the linguistic talents of well educated folks, nonetheless people are most drawn to literature in their native language and tend to ignore everything else.

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Gilbert Doctorow: “The West is run by corrupt cowards!”

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Dr. Gilbert Doctorow lays bare the decay of Western powers. D.R.

Gilbert Doctorow holds a doctorate in history from Columbia University. In this interview, the academician, established in Belgium, reveals the true face of American and European political leaders whom he describes as « cowards », « corrupt » and « incompetent ». He dissects the war in Ukraine, explains the interference of the United States in the affairs of third countries, including Algeria, gives the causes of the servility of the European Union towards Washington and points out the « massive and omnipresent » self-censorship which makes the Western press « docile ».

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Hands down on the wealth of the Sahrawi people by the Moroccan Makhzen

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The Makhzen and its accomplices plunder the Sahrawi fish wealth. D.R.

On September 22, 2022, the African Court on Human and Peoples’ Rights dealt a heavy blow to the Moroccan Makhzen by issuing a judgment declaring that Morocco’s occupation of Western Sahara is a violation of the right to self-determination and freedom. independence and that all States have an obligation to help the people of Western Sahara in their struggle for self-determination. “The Respondent States, and indeed all States Parties to the Charter and Protocol, as well as all AU Member States have a responsibility under international law to find a permanent solution to the occupation and to ensure the enjoyment of the inalienable right to self-determination of the Sahrawi people, to do nothing which would recognize such occupation as lawful or which would prevent them from enjoying this right”,

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Prof. Jeffrey Sachs:“The US has treated the UN with contempt for decades” 

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For Professor Jeffrey D. Sachs, the war in Ukraine could have been avoided. D.R.

Mohsen Abdelmoumen: I saw your courageous intervention in the Bloomberg channel on October 4 and I think the world needs wise and just voices like yours. You have stated that the Americans would be responsible for the sabotage of Nord Stream 1 and 2. What can you tell us about this?

Prof. Jeffrey Sachs: The US role is not proven, but it stands to reason.  The US alone had the motive, the means, and the opportunity to do this.  Such industrial sabotage is part of the tradition of US covert operations.  I think the Europeans will soon say, “We don’t know who did it.”  The US, of course, will never investigate.  It’s really notable that Biden warned in February 2022 that if Russia invaded Ukraine, the pipeline would be ended, and when queried, declared that the US had the means to do it.

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Carolyn L. Karcher:“Zionism was always a settler colonial ideology”

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Carolyn L. Karcher. DR.

Mohsen Abdelmoumen: You participated in the march on the Pentagon in October 1967 against the Vietnam War.  What do these historic moments represent for you?

Carolyn L. Karcher: The Vietnam War and the mass movement against it transformed my consciousness and changed my life.  Although I grew up in Japan and did not come to the US until entering Stanford University in 1962, I attended an American school in Japan that gave me the standard indoctrination.  I believed the US was a beacon of democracy with the mission of imparting its benefits to other countries and saving them from oppressive governments.  The Vietnam War shattered this belief.  The October 1967 march on the Pentagon was the third demonstration against the war in which I participated, but it was the one that marked the beginning of my political re-education.  During the night I spent at the Pentagon, I saw soldiers with gas masks and fixed bayonets knocking peacefully seated demonstrators on the head with their rifle butts and kicking them with their heavy boots, while the march’s leaders reiterated instructions for us to remain passive and not resist.  What got me through that terrifying experience was the conviction that the press would inform the American public of how US soldiers had treated citizens exercising their constitutional rights, and that the incident would lead to an inquiry and redress.  Instead, the next day’s headlines in the Washington Post read: “Troops use restraint against violent crowd.”  It would take years before the US press finally started to report the truth about the war and to portray anti-war protesters more sympathetically.  I would never again read the mainstream press uncritically.

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