The Empire attacks!

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tomahawkDemocracy by missiles. DR.

While I am bereaved by the death of our soldiers who tragically lost their lives on the plane that crashed in Boufarik, I am obliged to break my mourning by seeing the unleashing of the Empire against Syria martyred and the attack of the forces of evil that are the American regime with its poodles the French and British regimes. These rogue states have struck a sovereign state without the endorsement of the UN, and without even the agreement of their Parliament. The United Nations has proved once again that it is an empty shell that arrives at its expiration date and that must be dissolved, as for the parliaments that supposedly represent the peoples have become completely useless in the eyes of the Western leaders, who made their decision in perfect autocrats. As for Europe, it shows that it is a great mystification, since the pipsqueak Macron, the former banker of Rothschild who thinks he is Caesar, acts in his own name without worrying about his European partners. This refers to the vision of plutocratic governance rather than to democracies giving lessons about human rights and other hypocrisy that these heads of state and their minions are brandishing under our noses at every moment. Democracy in the manner of Bernard-Henri Lévy! Their regimes are guilty of having supported all the bloodthirsty brutes and dictators of the planet, of having created, financed, armed trained, hordes of terrorists, in Afghanistan, in Iraq, in Syria, in Libya… Before being against other nations, Western leaders are first against their own peoples who have elected them, even if it is sometimes by default, and they train them in uncertain adventures. These three leaders, whether Trump, Macron or May, struggling with serious internal problems, chose to make a diversion by using muscle and sending « democratic » missiles on a country to the destruction of which their countries actively Participated for years. In the light of these serious events, we see that it is always the same story that is repeated since the dawn of time, the empire changes its head but the background remains the same. Of course, these empires that are unleashed on Syria do not condemn Israel who kills every day of the Palestinians and who imprisons children and rapes them or who bombards third countries, neither Saudi Arabia and its vile crimes in Yemen. By learning these bombardments of Syria, I remember myself the murderous interventions of the USA in Iraq, I see Colin Powell showing his urine at the UN saying it was the evidence of the WMD, I remember the bombing of Libya and I remember too the colonial massacres against the people of Vietnam and my own people.

Hooligans, incompetents, criminals, gangsters, liars reign on the West. The usual barkers at the service of the big capital and their subcontractors from the gutter press used to package and sell infects goods praise the merits of adventurous enterprise in which were committed the three Western leaders.  They will convince only themselves, because no one is fooled. Yesterday, I was with an American friend and we were talking about peace for the peoples and I got up this morning with the war at the service of military-industrial lobbies and Zionist lobbies, slaughterers of peoples. They have destroyed countries and nations and they continue to kill. The earth has become a playground for a handful of oligarchs who today are threatening the stability of the world, this 1% by whom misfortune arrives and which proclaims « to the hell the peoples, as long as there is profit ». Has not all that dripping blood for so long never quenched their thirst? The brutal force and the sound of boots and guns have murdered all the cries of freedom. The world goes badly in the hands of adventurers, with the absence of peace-loving statesmen rather than vulgar thugs and pickpockets in the service of a handful of upstarts who rule the world, such as this thief Mark Zuckerberg who sold the data of millions of Facebook subscribers without ending up behind bars. The interest of the peoples is in antagonism with the interest of the 1% and their general managers and other managers appointed to lead the states. Me, I say « to hell the oligarchs and their valets, the regimes US, French, and English! » We have nothing to expect from these criminal empires who shriek like frightened virgins before a macabre staging and poorly done on the use of the chemical while they themselves has thrown napalm, Agent Orange, depleted uranium and nuclear bombs on peoples! The world is delivered to a band of murderous degenerates and liars capable of any adventure to preserve the interests of the 1%. Chemical attacks, do you say? We are brandishing the blood of the Iraqis, Syrians, Libyans, Palestinians, Yemeni, Vietnamese, Japanese and of course the blood of my people. You talk about evidences? Make them public!

Trump the furious madman and his poodles from France and England are very mistaken in believing that firing some missiles in a foolish and irresponsible way will place them as decisive players in the Syrian file, they are completely overwhelmed. To those who are popping the champagne in Tel Aviv, Washington, Paris, London and Ryad, we tell them that the fight is just beginning. As for the traitors who have been spread in our countries like a disease that kills slowly and who applaud the shelling, we tell them they do not lose anything to wait, everyone will be confronted with their responsibility and their actions face to History. As for me, after this parenthesis, I return to mourn the brave soldiers of the ANP while affirming that now everyone protects his border and defends his people. As a resistance fighter, I rise up against this destructive strike and I will continue my fight against Western barbarity, which can only speak the language of bombs. We are in the law of the jungle and in this context, we must strengthen the internal front in our country to face all the imperialistic temptations targeting our country. Whoever approaches our borders must know that in Algeria we are all ANP. Down with imperialism, colonialism and the traitors who support them, and glory to our martyrs.

And I hear the distant voice of Jim Morrison whispering to me: « this is the end, my only friend »…

Mohsen Abdelmoumen

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