Jour: 13 octobre 2014

The Trévidic case: Autopsy of a visit

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The murders of the French colonialism in Algeria. D.R.

This Sunday afternoon, October 12, the French anti-terrorism judge Marc Trévidic is arrived in Algiers with his assistant Nathalie Poux and a team of experts to perform an autopsy on the remains of the Tibhirine French monks killed by a terrorist group in 1996. Why waiting the decapitation of Hervé Gourdel for re-invite the judge Trévidic? We don’t believe in coincidence and it’s not the « nasty little judge » who will make us swallow stories. All shows that there has been a ‘deal’ between the Algerian and French authorities, but the French judge didn’t revealed any details during his last interview on France Info and he has said nothing about his visit to Algeria. However, he said that he would work under the Algerian jurisdiction, teaching us thereby that the Algeria is not yet a French Department. Alleluia! We are pleased to know it. What makes the judge Trévidic run and what is the nature of the agreements that the Algerian authorities have passed with the France? We ask the question to the nasty little judge Trévidic who insulted the same Algerian authorities who invited him, saying once: « They mock us ». Lire la suite »