Dr. Tony Kashani:“The US is now the richest democracy with the highest level of inequality. The oligarchs run the show”.

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Dr. Tony Kashani. DR.

Mohsen Abdelmoumen: How do you explain the catastrophic management of the Covid-19 crisis by the Trump administration? Can we talk about the failure of the system?

Dr. Tony Kashani: Indeed, Trump administration’s handling of the Coronavirus Covid-19 Pandemic crisis has been a colossal failure. There is no central leadership and national standard in place. In other countries the scientists are in charge of setting standards and leading the way toward managing the crisis. But here we have the confused VP, Mike Pence going around and simply echoing “progress and good news” preached by Trump. The numbers do not lie, 175 000 lives lost and counting. His lack of compassion for human lives, especially the black and brown Americans and his solipsism combined with a team of incompetent sycophants have created a massive void of leadership at the federal level.

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Dr. Jacques Pauwels: “To further its profit-maximizing purposes, capitalism is willing to use the “carrot” of democracy as well as the “stick” of fascism”

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Dr. Jacques Pauwels. DR.

Mohsen Abdelmoumen: In your book « Big Business and Hitler », you talk about the collaboration of the world’s economic, industrial and financial elite with Hitler. Was Hitler a pure product, an instrument, of the capitalist system?

Dr. Jacques Pauwels: Hitler’s so-called “National Socialism,” in reality not a form of socialism at all, was the German variety of fascism, and fascism was a manifestation of capitalism, the brutal, nasty way in which capitalism manifested itself in the interwar period in response to the threat of revolutionary change, embodied by communism, and the economic crisis of the Great Depression. To the extent that Hitler personified the German variety of fascism, he may indeed be called an “instrument” of capitalism; however, as I mention in my book, the term “instrument” is really too simplistic. Lire la suite »

Dr. David Schultz:“The US has a long history of racism”

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Dr. David Schultz. DR.

Mohsen Abdelmoumen:  Your remarkable work has resulted in an uncompromising statement in your book ”American Politics in the Age of Ignorance”. How do you explain the fact that States and policymakers reproduce the same policies that have failed?

Dr. David Schultz: There are several reasons.  One of them is really the issue of limited knowledge and time where policy makers are looking for solutions to common problems and they are prone to looking elsewhere for answers or possible solutions.  Thus, the concept of diffusion of policy ideas from one jurisdiction to another explains it.  Yet there are also other factors.  The role of lobbyists and special interests pushing a policy agenda, equipped with the power of money to enable policy agendas.  One can also point to the failure to really engage in fact-based or evidence-based policy to drive decision making.

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Dr. Wolfgang Streeck: “We are being governed by an oligarchy”

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Dr. Wolfgang Streeck. DR.

Mohsen Abdelmoumen: Can Europe survive the Covid-19 crisis?

Dr. Wolfgang Streeck: It depends on what you mean by “survive“. Complex societies don‘t “die“; something always remains—the question is: what? If you mean the European Union or the European Monetary Union, will they still exist when the virus has left? Of course. If you ask if the virus is undermining them, I think one must not forget that both EU and EMU were already undermining themselves before the pandemic; remember Brexit? Also remember the tensions between Germany and the Mediterranean countries, and between Germany in particular and the new, peripheral member states in the East. The pandemic may or may not have accelerated the decay of “Europe“ as an international organization, or institution; but apart from this and more importantly, the virus has not derailed older tendencies of development that are too deeply rooted politically and economically to be undone by a tiny virus.

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Miguel Urbán Crespo: « Workers of the world, unite. This is the last call »

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Miguel Urban Crespo 4

Miguel Urbán Crespo . DR.

Mohsen Abdelmoumen: You called for a Covid tax on high net worth individuals and multinational corporations. Why? Didn’t the Covid-19 crisis show us the failure of the neoliberal model?

Miguel Urbán Crespo: The emergence of Covid was particularly deadly after decades of neo-liberal policies and cuts in public services and health care. The coronavirus has shown us that in centers and countries where more has been invested in health, there are fewer deaths, because, as we already knew, there is no better social shield than the protection of fundamental rights and the collective interest. The right to health has been reduced by neoliberal policies and the cost of this pandemic amounts to hundreds of thousands lives. Lire la suite »

Michael Barker: “Of central importance is that the ongoing battle against capitalism and imperialism is waged internationally”

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Michael Barker

Michael Barker. DR.

Mohsen Abdelmoumen: In your opinion, why was Jeremy Corbyn ousted as leader of the Labour Party? Don’t you think that Jeremy Corbyn has paid the price of being a supporter of the Palestinian cause and an anti-Zionist?

Michael Barker: Right until the moment that Corbyn took the mistaken position of volunteering to leave his position as Labour leader he still had the support of the vast majority of his party’s active socialist membership. So, although it is true that he came under immense pressure to resign throughout the duration of his time as Labour leader from the vast majority of his Parliamentary colleagues, it is not strictly true that he was ousted. Corbyn and his parliamentary supporters however failed to seriously encourage the types of actions that would have enabled ordinary Labour members to assert any form of democratic control over Corbyn’s opponents, who to this day still maintain their elected positions within the Parliamentary Labour Party. Lire la suite »

Dr. Michael Welton: “The global ruling class will not permit a new just world order to appear”

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Michael Welton Photo (2)

Dr. Michael Welton. DR.

Mohsen Abdelmoumen: What do you think of the intention of Western governments to use tracking in the Covid-19 crisis? Are governments not using the pretext of this epidemic to control their populations? Isn’t this method fascism?

Dr. Michael Welton: The world has seen many plagues and pestilences in its past and recent history. But nothing like this—a global lock-down that has forced billions of people to self-isolate in order to stop the Monster from consuming us before our evening meal. Arundhati Roy has asked this provocative question: “What is this thing that has happened to us?” And, most significantly, this “thing” is happening to us at a crisis point in the Neo-liberal globalized economic disorder. Covid-19 has lit up the sky like an electric lightning storm, exposing its’ shameful weaknesses and trouble-spots. Ruling classes of the world, once exposed, know their days may be numbered. They are going to fight bitterly to hold on to power and wealth and oppress and trick the citizenry to do so. Lire la suite »