No, we do not want to your interview, Mr. Kissinger!

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Henry Kissinger. D.R.

In order to best perform our work by giving the floor to various figures, even those for which we have no sympathy – this is called journalistic ethics-, we had asked you for an interview to obtain your testimony on your long political career that made history, even if it is not in the good sense of the word. After skipping long our solicitations, we received your response soothing where you have congratulated us for our professionalism, but that was nothing more that a way to flee as you have done it your whole life. Although you have thanked us for our investigative work, knowing your political career, we wonder if it is a compliment or an insult to us and to our readers. Your refusal does not surprise us because we know your faculty to avoid embarrassing questions. The Chilean judge Juan Guzman has understood it too, since you have never wanted to answer to his thirty questions about your links with Pinochet that he submitted you. Regarding the quote to appear that addressed you a French judge during one of your trips to Paris, you preferred to flee France rather than respond. It seems that judges and collectives chase you each other across the planet for war crimes. How are you always in freedom while you are searched in several countries?

Let’s relate the facts which are reproached you. Let’s start with your ties to the Rockefeller family when you have supported the candidacy in the presidential election in 1968 of your friend and mentor Nelson Rockefeller who had links privileged with the CIA since he oversaw his covert operations taking the head of the Operation Coordinating Board (OCB) and which had already been responsible of the post of Under-Secretary of State for export the North American culture in Latin America. More than the refugees Nazis in South America, he feared the Soviet Union and the Communists. Is it he who gave you the taste of the hidden meetings and criminal operations against all progressives of this planet? Your ousted friend, you have been recruited by the new president Nixon, and it was at this time that we see your assumption to a position of unprecedented control with total power over the foreign policy of the United States, in direct relation with the CIA, the Pentagon, the Chief of staff, Department of State, in short, you head both diplomacy and military policy. Then you decide to lead the secret bombing in Cambodia in 1969, without the approval of the United States Congress. Your words: « Our goal is to get that there is a decent interval between the withdrawal of troops American and the rape of the first Virgin » (sic!). These massive bombing have killed hundreds of thousands of civilians (3600 secret missions in 14 months and 110,000 tons of bombs dropped) and were named « Operation Menu », whose deadly raids were called cynically « Breakfast », « Snack », « Dinner », etc. You have introduced the dual-report system designed to conceal the air attacks, you have financed the coup against Sihanouk, the seizure of power by Lon Nol, and leads the invasion of Cambodia and the bombing of North Viet Nam while peace agreements had been concluded two months earlier (129 bombers have dropped 40,000 tons of bombs on North Viet Nam in 11 days).

Previously, while you were still advise of President Johnson (at the same time as an agent of the candidate Nixon), you have maneuvered to sabotage the peace agreements that had to be concluded in 1968 in Paris between the two Viet Nam and the United States, and have thus extended for several years a devastating war that has killed millions of Vietnamese, Cambodians, and tens of thousands American soldiers, you have reduced the people of Cambodia to famine and favored the emergence of the Khmer Rouge. When press articles began to reveal your secret operations in Cambodia, you have not hesitated to put journalists on listening, which led directly to set up the famous Watergate’s « Plumbers », the secret team of the White House supposed to prevent leaks, which resulted in the resignation of Nixon. One of the items in the folder of his « Impeachment » was concealment in the Congress of the bombing in Cambodia. The Minister of Justice John Mitchell and other members of the Nixon administration went in jail, but you, the instigator of these treasons to your nation, murderer of mass, genocidal, dissimulator, liar, manipulator, have managed to get whiter than snow. Later, in the Ford administration, you have on the conscience your complicity in genocide committed against the people of East Timor by the bloodthirsty regime of Suharto that you have supported, encouraged and armed, of course always deceiving the Congress about the destination of the arms you provided to the Indonesia, sold for the defense of the Indonesian fascist regime, and not for an invasion.  In addition to massacre the people of East Timor (more than 200,000 dead out of a population of less than a million), your friend dictator has exterminated more than a million of his fellow citizens, always with your blessing.

Let’s talk about Operation Condor. You have ordered in October 1970 the murder of the Chilean general René Schneider by your henchmen from the CIA. General Schneider was the head of the Chilean army and regarded as the main obstacle to the military coup of this grim Pinochet to the Chile State. Your military attaché to Santiago, Paul Wimert, received $ 250,000 to prepare the operation and pay the killers of General Schneider. September 11, 1973, your friend Pinochet seized power and killed president Salvador Allende and thousands of Chileans. You have supported and placed bloodthirsty dictatorships not only to Chile, but in Argentina, in Uruguay, in Paraguay, in Panama, in Bolivia where you have organized the hunt and the murder of Ernesto Che Guevara, and you have offered an unstinting support to the military junta of the Brazil, the peoples of these countries being martyred by death squads responsible for secret detentions, assassinations, disappearances, and ‘death flights’. In fact, you have always been very close to the worst scoundrels who pollute this planet, and here are declassified documents published this October 1 relate your intention to invade Cuba and overwrite the one you qualify of « runt », namely Fidel Castro, when Cubans have gone to help Angola invaded by the South African army that you supported. This « runt », as you say, managed to escape to 638 attempts to assassinate and, despite the heinous embargo of the United States against Cuba since 1962, has gave to his people a quality teaching and a cutting-edge medicine, while helping the brother peoples in need by sending medical teams in various countries. Castro has turned Cuba, the former brothel of the American underworld, in autonomous nation where child mortality is the lowest in the world, where everyone eats his fill, is treated, and enjoys a free education, despite the blockade imposed by the United States. In fact, Fidel Castro gave his people everything that the Government of the United States does not offer to its citizens.

And say that you got the Nobel Prize in peace, you who have caused the death of millions people around the world. Have you already counted all the corpses of children, women, old men, young men in full force of age, massacred because of your criminal policy and your taste of power?  Do they come to haunt you in your moments of solitude? You are not only a criminal and a mass murderer, you are the embodiment of the enemy No. 1 of humanity. Dillinger was shot dead for many less than what you did.

Your involvement in the 9/11-Anthrax operation where, under the orders of Dick Cheney, you were appointed by George W. Bush as head of the Commission of Inquiry into the attacks, sorry, say rather the Commission of concealment of the disturbing elements of the September 11, 2001 began to emerge. It is strange that the Washington Post has published an article in which it was announced that the son of the general René Schneider attacked you in court for the murder of his father, just on September 11, 2001. Obviously, the events that unfolded this day there have eclipsed any other information. A keyword is often attached to your experience of 25 years in power: « concealment ». In any case, knowing your taste for coups, and in particular on 11 September, the families of the victims of 9/11/2001 stood up against your nomination at the head of the commission, and you was forced to resign. You have been replaced by Philip Zelikow, devout follower of « preventive » wars. Can you give us an explanation about your comments: « What is illegal we do it without delay, what is unconstitutional is a little longer« ? (Sic). How do you qualify the operation 9/11-Anthrax? The do you consider it only illegal or unconstitutional? Or both at the same time? How can define your exchanges with Zbigniew Brzezinski and your friends neocons Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle named « the Prince of darkness » who asked a new Pearl Harbor over an aperitif in 2000 and who got in 2001, or Scooter Libby, Douglas Feith, Dov Zakheim, and Cie, all responsible for the destruction of Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Sudan, Libya, Syria, in a program planned revealed by general Wesley Clark, and that was to destroy 7 countries in 5 years to the delight of Israel?

How are your friends of the Project for a New American Century (PNAC)? Have you shed enough blood or do you need even more? We would like to know how you are, you and your buddy Bzrezinski, in your conversations of old senile, hided in your luxurious palaces. What is the program of the day? The extermination of the Iranian people, and even the destruction of another country? No, really, it is not worth to interview a madman like you, because the countless crimes that have marked your career are more enlightening than all your lies. Good soldier of the Capital and strategist of the neo-conservatism, you have no limit. For you and your fellows, the caste of the 1% who runs the world, everything is allowed. The power is « the ultimate aphrodisiac » (sic), is not Mr. Kissinger? Your calendar is filled with appointments with people to exterminate for the beautiful eyes of Israel, because you are an eternal Zionist who will fight to his last breath for the peace and prosperity of the Zionist State. President Kennedy had understood and criticized the weight of the Zionist lobby; he has paid it with his life. You should know who murdered the Kennedy and why, you the real black box of the Empire. You share with Edgar Hoover, said the « sissy », the same sickening aura of the all history of the United States. No need to wait five years after your death to know your misdeeds, as you stipulated it by offering government documents at the library of Congress; we know how your soul is dark.

You are past master in handling and concealment, and all the interviews that you have given are just a series of diversions, because you are a specialist in the art of sidestepping. We know you are paid handsomely by think tanks and other strategic institutes that seek your last neurons in regard the third world war. Some eager even, in the mainstream media, try to obtain an exclusivity, and why not the date of the next war? In front to the thousands of progressives you have exterminated, in front to the smile of Che Guevara that will haunt you till your last breath, you, the itinerant dying man who got caught in his own trap, you attend, before to leave, to the bankruptcy of your capitalist system that bites the tail. Detroit is bankrupt, abandoned, it has no running water, can no longer pay its firefighters, his ambulance drivers, its workers of the roads, and this is not due to an invasion of the Marxist legions or a siege of Stalin. This is the system in which you placed your faith which collapses like a House of cards, and you can bring reformers to all sauces, the process is inescapable: the capitalist system is dying. Like you. Today, Nicolas Maduro, the President of Venezuela and lineal heir of the unforgettable Hugo Chavez you’ve tried to eliminate several times, is received by the population of the Bronx where he is welcomed with gratitude for the assistance Venezuelan offered to the underprivileged of this poor neighborhood of New York and for the model he represents in the eyes of a people that you have abandoned with indifference. Throughout Latin America, people lives under progressive Governments, the nations managed to break free of your fascist yoke; it is the personal failure of Henry Kissinger who will die alone with his despicable acts and who will join in the collective memory all the Papa Doc, Baby Doc, Pinochet, Batista, the Suharto and other fascist scrapings of the Empire. Latin America is now free and progressive, despite your numerous secret meetings, your shenanigans, your paramilitary groups and your death squads. So, if I regret having missed interviews with a Jacques Vergès that death has taken too quickly, I have no qualms to saying that provide you a forum would be an another assassination of mass against the peoples that you have massacred during your career of criminal genocidal. You will manage to flee the courts as you did it for years, like your neocons friends, but every time you look yourself in a mirror, you see the face of an assassin, enemy of life. For the rest, we leave you with your heirs who are waiting your death for squander your blood diamonds, your palaces inhabited by ghosts and your bank accounts soiled by the tears of your victims. No one will cry for you, Henry Kissinger. You and your friend Brzezinski, you the gravediggers of peoples and nations, Zionist criminals, despite the billions that you have achieved by extermination of the nations, you’re struggling today to change your diapers. Tell us, what is your « ultimate aphrodisiac » at this moment? When you’ll die finally, worn until the rope, the brain into mush, the White House will make a statement in which it will pay tribute to your putrid memory and will welcome your « patriotic » actions. Do you know why they recruits spins doctors like yourself? This isn’t because you’re geniuses or great scholars, it’s just because your presidents have a spinal cord instead of the brain. In short, Mr. Kissinger, you have practiced the oldest profession in the world, since you have always done business for the Empire. After your funeral, your heirs will flock to the notary to share the jackpot like vultures, for the same values ​​you instilled to your family: the gain and capital. And your compulsive drug addict son will squander his legacy in less time than it takes to say. That’s it the production of the Kissinger home. In the meantime, you laboriously drag your old carcass painful when revolutionary dreamers are gone too soon to the flower of age for an idea. The Earth will be better without you, Mr. Kissinger, you can be sure. You still just a few months to vegetate surrounded by your doctors who are struggling to treat your multiple diseases. As for us, even though we are few in number, we will survive you, and we shall overcome by the idea and not by the bayonet. We will be stronger than your drones, your F16, your mercenaries and your missiles, because we carry the project of life, solidarity and fraternity, a project which you are the negation. The judgment of History will decide who wished to elevate the human being from stage of the beast and those who wanted to turn it into a Wolf for his next. Child spoiled of the capitalist system; you will pay your dastardly deeds in the contempt of future generations, like you pay now as such a strategist of chaos which, at the end of his life, attend powerless to the collapse of all that he built by selling his soul to the devil. People are waking up, the wind of revolt will rise everywhere and will challenge all despicable Kissinger who have polluted planet Earth. The end of capitalism and imperialism is looming on the horizon. On behalf of the people that you have exterminated, on behalf of our brothers killed by the Empire and by your determination to combat all that is progressive throughout the world, I wish you to roast in hell with all your fascist friends. And personally, I will piss on your graves at you and your fellow men. Consider this article as my anticipatory funeral oration. The hearse is not far away, get ready.

Mohsen Abdelmoumen

Published in french in Oximity, Whatsupic, and Palestine Solidarité on 6/10/2014